Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I’m not predicting the end of the world.

Since I heard quite a number of times when the world was going to end and just recently by Mr. Camping. Well we are still here. After sitting back and think about what I read in the Bible, I remember reading that before the world ends we would know because we will have storms like we have never had before.  In some parts of the world they have had some really bad ones lately.  Also according to the Bible, there will be earthquakes - bad ones and also floods.  It also mentioned that there would be all kinds of diseases that man will not be able to cure. Well so far its starting to look like it might happen soon. For some diseases there are no treatments - they can only be slowed down from progressing too fast.

UPDATE:   I read in the news recently another person I've spoken about, Stephen Hawking, was admitted to the hospital because of a stroke. I wish him a quick recovery (if he is still with us -  I say this is because he is 89 years old now).

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