Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The truth

I realize That I have not been writing anything on this blog for quite a while. What I have been doing all this time, is searching for the truth of some kind about the after life.

I know I could of read from some other blog about ghost and phantoms and take off from there. But to me it would not be the right thing to do. When I write about manifestation or voice its because it happened to me.

I mentioned in one of my post before, that I used to patrol the cemeteries for almost a decade. In that time of doing that type of work, I was more or less, how should I say, in tune with the souls of the departed. Also it seemed that the hours between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. were when I felt I was being touched on the arm or on the back and some times on the legs, but could not see anyone .

To me these are friends that you can’t see and that is the best type to have (not meaning to be sarcastic). That is another reason why I try to get at the truth of life after death. I mentioned before that I’m not to much of a religious person, but I do believe in the Creator of life and of all things.

I must say that I might have found a book that might give me what I’m looking for. It was written in 2008, called God’s Final Witness In one part of the book they predicted that the USA’s economy would more or less drop and it did and there is also a prediction about the credit rating being lowered.

Once I have read up on all of the predictions I will write about it. What they have predicted in this book so far has happened, and there is more to come according to what I've read.

Whoever is or are the author/s of this book know/s what they are talking about. Everything is written so plain and simple that no one can go wrong with what is written. There's not much room to misinterpret what it says. Like I said there are other predictions in this book and there is one prediction that I might not include. I will have to really think about it.

Here is a statement to get some minds rolling. The last time I had a test for sanity they found out that I was sane. Now after reading what comes next let me know what you think.

Mind you, this is far fetched but it could be a possibility. Do you think that once a person dies the soul is sent to another planet and transformed into some kind of other life form and this could be an explanation for UFOs? According to what has been shown on TV about how fast these UFOs travel and how quickly they can change from one direction to another, there is not one person alive that could take the G force on the body that this sudden change of direction would create.

Any comments good or bad but clean what I mean by clean no foul language would be appreciated.


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