Thursday, October 20, 2011

About this blog.

This blog was suppose to be about the supernatural. Well it was to a certain extent, but when it concerns the supernatural then the Bible has to come in to it because the Creator has to be involved since he was the creator of all living things.  Hence this blog discusses both topics - God and ghosts.

What I have written so far about ghosts are things that have happened to me.  I mentioned before about a ghost in my house - I still have her. If you're interested you can always go back to my old posts to read about her. Where she is at this time and what she does. Like I mentioned she has moved into the basement and if I move anything around by the next morning its all back where it was.
Now my next statement might (and it might not) offend anyone. In the Bible it states that Jesus said if we want to get to God the father we have to go through him.  Jesus says him and His Father are one. By reading this kind of statement I can only come to one conclusion and that is that Jesus is God. Although the Bible states that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary that could be another story invented by man, or simply an interpretation or a metaphor.  

Remember all preachers say that there are no ghosts. They are proven to be wrong on that, but they still believe in bad Spirits coming to earth to possess people. I know there are bad ones.  Why could  there  not be some good ones too? I know some of this might sound like nonsense but its my belief. I have faith that there is a Creator and I believe in him and the ten commandments.  But I also believe in ghosts.  I don't think there is any issue with believing in both.

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