Saturday, August 11, 2012

Believable or not?

Sometimes I go to other blogs and read about ghosts, spirits and manifestations. I occasionally read stories that people have sent in and I find that most are believable to some degree at least. But some of them are hard to believe, or it might be they are written with too many little words, to more or less to embellish the story and the results make them unbelievable stories.

Here is one that I find hard to believe. Unfortunately I don’t remember the blog I was on when I read it. I searched for this story on the blogs I had visited and could never find it again. So, my apologies for that. If you are the blog owner and recognize the story, let me know and I will credit you as the source.

This had to do with someone that was revived by doctors after dying. They had to revive him a few times, and each time they would revive him, he would start screaming that he was on fire and burning. Apparently this happened twice before he finally died for the last time.

To me this seemed to be a fabrication of a story. I’ll tell you why. I have read too many stories about people that have died and came back and never have they mentioned burning.

I can say with my experience of May this year the doctor claimed that I was dead in the hospital and according to witnesses about half hour after the priest had read me the Last Rites of the Church, my body came alive again. I did have a near-death experience. While I was dead, my soul went on a little trip and what I saw was not scary but the feeling I had was that I was in a dangerous, ominous place. I could feel danger around me, but I could not see anything. The next thing I knew I was back in my body and apparently I scared my daughter when I sat up. The doctor is still mystified as to why I’m still alive.

This refutes (for me) the Catholic religion's saying that if you die before confessing your sins you go straight to hell. If that was true I would not be here today and that’s for sure.

If you are interested in good stories check out Seeks Ghosts.

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