Saturday, September 29, 2012

Church of God

I read and watch videos a lot about about what the Church of God has to say about different things. I must say that I have to agree with a lot of things that they say.  They are the only ones so far that make sense to me in their interpretation of the Bible.

One thing I do disagree with that they say, though is about the soul being asleep in the grave until all the deceased are called upon on Judgement Day. That makes no sense to me whatsoever. If that were so, where do ghost or spirits come from? There are all kinds of evidence that there are ghost or spirits, and I can’t understand why in religious circles this is so strongly denied.

I was an unbeliever in this kind of thing and I used to laugh at people that would try to tell me that they had seen the ghost of someone that they knew before they died. At the age of thirteen I changed my mine very quickly. When I was living in the country at my grandparents' home, for some reason or other I was woken up by something and when I open my eyes a beautiful woman was standing in the door way of my bedroom.

The next morning I told this to my grandmother and explained what she looked like.  Just then the telephone rang and it was the hospital calling to tell us that my Aunt Mary had died around three thirty in the morning. And this woman had never seen my sisters and I because she had been in the hospital since the day that we were born.

Since then, I've seen another one here, in this house where I live now.  She makes herself known and I'm aware of her presence by her turning off the radio or turning the kitchen lights on and once scaring my granddaughter by saying something to her in the bathroom.  I have other witnesses to these events. I'm not a crazy old man.  

So while I agree with a lot of the ideas from the Church of God, on this one item I don't agree.

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