Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Middle East in Bible Prophecy (Part 2)

I finished reading the book mentioned above and from what I read in this book, there is no way that the people from the Third World countries will ever change. Their faith has been estranging their brain from reality at such a young age, that they honestly believe there are no other faiths than their own that should exist.

After reading this book, it reminded me about a book I’ve written about on a previous post.  This book was called History Bible and this was a book of study by the Catholic schools and in this book there were all sorts of violence. Apparently angels used to be sent to earth to tell a messenger of a King to attack this country or that country because people were praying to false idols and that they were being unfaithful. That reminded me of the Sharia law that they follow.

The Catholics evolved from that kind of thing but still to a certain extent kept some of the rules. For example the Catholic woman before going to church had to have some kind of a netting over her face and wore something on her head like a bonnet or hat and even to this day if you have notice all the Nuns have to have their heads covered and no part of their body showing except their face and hands. I am convinced that, that is the same place where Sharia law derives from.

We in the Western world well most of us were brought up to think that killing another human is against God’s rule and we will not be forgiven by Him for killing of another human. Yet according to the book Bible History even God was allowing nations to attack each other, in fact telling a king's messenger via an angel to go and tell his king to attack another nation because of certain nation being unfaithful.

Now I must warn you if your faith is on the shaky side do not start in reading books on religion because of the different things that I’ve read when it comes to religion will surely turn you into an atheist. After reading this French book History Bible and comparing it to Sharia law plus the lies that we are told by some of these religious people it makes it hard to have faith.

If anyone has any comments or any questions I will be glad to answer to the best of my ability.

Have a good day and may God bless you.

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