Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catholics and Islam

Catholics and Islam. What's the difference? There are some similarities about praying and some similarities about a woman and what has to be covered concerning their body.  This is not to say that its compulsory for woman to have their body all covered up in the Catholic religion as much as they are obliged to be in the Islam religion. But when a woman goes to church at least they must have something on their head and something of netting on their face. That is, if the covering of their head or face the rules haven’t changed.

That’s how it was when I used to live with real Catholics in my younger years. I might as well point out that they more or less made it compulsory for me to keep on as Catholic, because my parents even though they weren’t Catholic, had me baptized when I was a newly born. One thing I am sure of is that any woman that wants to be a nun the only thing that is allowed for them to show is their face and hands as with the Islamist everything is covered except their hands. 

One more thing I forgot to mention. We also had to pray at least 5 times a day and this was all at school you could not make a move without having to pray. That's the same as Muslims do.

The books I mentioned before and wrote about in my earlier post entitled "history Bible". This book tells about how angels were sent down to earth to tell a person to go and see his King and tell him to attack a certain country because the people there were idolizing false idols. There was never any claims in that book that told the Kings to dismembered or deface or torture anyone because of idolizing false idols.

I can say for sure the school I had to go to had nuns as teachers and as far as I’m concerned they were the most miserable people in the world. They were crazy about giving the student the strap for the least little wrong that a student would do. We used to call it a strap but actually it was a paddle about 2 feet long and 3 inches wide and that miserable principal who was a nun to my thinking would get her jollies by giving a student the paddle.

Any institution that I went to that had nuns in charge including some orphanages, there were these humans in black and white uniforms.  They were all miserable.  An Orphanage I happened to check a couple of times for security when I was grown and working in that industry, I had seen one of these miserable people hit a little kid on the head with a table spoon. There were enough reports to eventually get it closed down and this was here in Qu├ębec.  That sort of strictness is out of line with modern Christianity and more in line with what you read about many Muslim beliefs.

Now if what is written in that book I, that Angels were sent down to tell a person to go and see His king and tell him to attack certain countries because of the idolizing of false idols, is true then how can the Catholics say he’s a good and forgiving God? 

And yet anything that happens they say its God's will. Don’t think of me as a non-believer because I am a believer in God. Only it’s hard to comprehend everything about the different statements that are made by any religion (or cult if you would rather call them that).

Did anyone ever realized or even think about who received the Ten Commandments? It was given to a Jew who is one of God's people. Now where does it give permission to Christians to use those commands? Mind you I have nothing against that it’s just that I had to ask out of curiosity.

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