Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mysterious Priest

sketch of mystery priest
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While reading Fox News this morning, I noticed this article about a priest appearing out of nowhere at the scene of a car accident. Apparently because of this accident the highway was blocked for two to three miles.    No one was allowed to go through but this priest appeared and the fire department and witnesses claimed that this priest was an angel in the guise of a priest.
Officials are still scratching their heads over the priest, who they say appeared out of nowhere. Perhaps more mysteriously, the local fire chief said he does not appear in any of 80 photos from the accident scene.

"I think that this time I've actually witnessed a guardian angel at work," Jeremiah See of the New London Fire Department told ABC News.
If you’re interested in reading more of this unbelievable article I would refer you to the link above.
 I for one believe in that kind of event actually happening.  And with all the people around that accident site I don’t believe that it was anything else but a true incident. Pictures were taken and the priest can’t be seen at all in any of them. I realize some people will read this and think  'I don’t believe in that kind of thing -  people appearing out of nowhere'. That’s fine, but some folks don’t believe in ghost or spirits whatever you want to call them. It has been proven (to me at least) that these ghost or spirits do exist.
Believe me, these things do exist. There are a lot of things happening in this world that no one can explain, because this world is full of some kind of mystery. I would believe this story to be true and I will go as far as to say that maybe it’s the Good Lord that is trying to convince some who don’t believe in his existence.  I really believe that there will be more of these happenings before the end of this world.
I truly hope my friendly anonymous reader sends me a comment on this one.
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