Thursday, February 6, 2014

Believing what the priest tells us

I’ve mentioned this subject before, in a previous post. When I was young and living with my grandparents, the priest of the parish would come to our school that was next to the church and talk to us about God. He used to tell us a lot of things about God. One thing that he said that I didn’t believe at the time was that "God said before the end of times come, people will deny my existence.” Now I’m beginning to think that he spoke the truth when he said that.

Actually, I am more convinced now than I’ve ever been that he spoke the truth. Almost every day I read and hear someone complaining about anything that represents any kind of belief in God. Plus the military is being re-enforced and equipped with better and more efficient weaponry, which is a sign that Armageddon could be close at hand.

What used to be a minority of non-believers, has now become the majority. This majority seems to be growing more and more as time goes on. I am not a very religious person myself, but I do believe that there is a God and the creator of everything that wasn’t made by man. I also believe that we have all lived before in a past life.

When we pass on to the other life after this one, it’s not our body that passes on but our soul. I have experience this and so have a lot of other people about the soul leaving ones body and coming back into it. According to the Bible only the creator can kill the soul. The way I see it if the soul is sent back into your body is because your time has not come for you to leave this God forsaken world.

I will state that if you are a hypocrite and you deny having faith in God or pretend that you don’t believe just to satisfy one of your friends then I would suggest that you change your thinking. I do believe that when your time comes it will be too late for redemption and will be returned to dust from whence we all came from. Jesus said “If you deny me in front of your friends I will deny you to my Father”. I’m not trying to convert anyone I’m just saying.

I think this will be all for now, as someone might think that I am a fanatic in some kind of religion of which I’m not. Belief in the word of God yes, but not in all the religions that man has started.

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