Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Believe it or not

I checked my bookmarks the other day and I was reminded about something that I had saved to comment on later on. I watched this video again.  Since I had written a post on the soul of a deceased person invading the body of a living person (which I believe can happen), I thought I would comment on this video in that respect.  In the video, a young girl shocks the entire studio on a show called Holland`s got talent. 

It is hard to believe that a 9 year old girl can sing like she did.  Her voice is close enough to an opera singer that that was well known and has left this world for a better one. The name of the one deceased opera singer is mentioned in the video. This reinforces to me that what I’ve been thinking all the time is true. When a soul has unfinished business it returns to earth to accomplish what it has not yet done and still needs to do.  I have read about kids at a young age knowing things they have no business knowing yet.  No one has any explanation for these extraordinary talents or knowledge well beyond the realm of the possible. When it involves religion and the Lord, there are mysteries that we will never understand and all we can do when different things happen is just to wonder whether its true or not.

Since finding this video I have watched it approximately  half a dozen times to see if there was anything that would indicate it was a fake. Looking at the little girl’s expression on her face and eyes while singing I couldn’t see anything that would show that this was something that was just for show. I also noticed that before she started to sing she took a deep breath.

The reason why I watched for anything out of the ordinary is because I could not believe a little 9 year old could have this kind of voice to sing an opera like she did. The only thing that sort of puzzled she is when she was asked where she had learned to sing like that and you could tell she was loss for words but that doesn’t mean too much if it was the soul of an adult that had invaded her body.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. I say this because He would be the only one to have the power to have this happening.

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