Saturday, July 5, 2014

Do as I say?

Would this be do as I say, or don’t do as I do?

Jesus has said “My Father and I are but one and to see my Father you will have to go by me?" Now, there are good things in the Bible, but the only thing that a person can do is pray to the Father who is in Heaven, believe and live your life according to the 10 commandments. You can’t go wrong by doing that. I have a Bible and I read at times but a lot of stuff that is in there is written like riddles. If it's hard to follow, how can someone always follow the intent?

I believe there was a person called Jesus in name only, but I really believe that it was God that invaded the body of a person to preach good to people. Since God is essentially invisible, He could not have preached to the people without manifesting himself in the flesh. I believe this man called Jesus was crucified and died on the cross but God was out of that body at that time.

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