Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I believe (Part 2)

I do believe that a person that breaks the commandment that says “thou shalt not kill” is in trouble. If the soul of that person does come back to earth, that would be because that person was sent straight to hell and the soul of that person that broke that commandment will not be able to come back to earth to haunt anyone except if they were sent by Satan. In that case it would be called a poltergeist. I also don’t think that the good Lord would wait for Judgment day to judge a person that would break that commandment.

Because according to the Bible, there is no forgiveness from the Lord for committing murder. Those are my beliefs and I stand by them. As for myself I believe that during my lifetime so far I’ve broken every one of those commandments except to commit murder. I try my best not to break that commandment and as anyone knows sometimes it’s hard not to do so. At my age even though during my lifetime I had the urge of doing so I am glad to say I never succumbed to that temptation.I should also mention that I do try my best not to break the other commandments too.

Those who don’t believe in life after death, I would advise you to try to change your mind. When judgment comes it will be too late for redemption so try your best to obey the commandments that were given to Moses that came from the Lord.

I would say to finish this post, that I am not a priest or trying to convert anyone but just sharing what I believe is the truth is in my opinion.

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