Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The religion of Islam

Regarding the religion of Islam, a lot of people profess it to be a religion of peace. I will admit that it might have been a religion of peace at one time.  That is, until the radicals who now infect that religion decided to make it a religion that would give you the impression that you must 'follow our Sharia law and pray to our God like we tell you to do or else you are an infidel and deserve to die'. That religion has been turned into a dictatorship.  Law by lawless radicals is how it appears to be to those of us outside the religion. 

According to what I was taught there is only one God and that God is the one that created everything that wasn’t man made. To me different gods are the imagination of man. Now radicals who treat woman as if they were not humans but exist just as someone to please man and they have no freedom except to be slaves of men. That doesn't seem to be very religious.  Sometimes I wonder if this is happening because Jesus never had a woman as a disciple. Do they think that Jesus did not trust a woman to be one of His disciples? If so is that why Muslim woman are treated like slaves?

There is only one God and he’s the one that I have faith in and these days you have to have faith with all that is going on because of lies that are being told just to scare people into believing things. Like I said, there is only one God but certain religions or cults would want to make you believe that they have their own God and their own way of praying to him and if you do not agree, you are an infidel and deserve to die. The true God said “committing murder is an unforgiving sin” so that would mean that when you die your soul would be incinerated and never to exist again.

What about the killing of all the kids in a school reported not too long ago?  Over 100 of them were apparently killed. Is that what radicals think Sharia law is all about? What about kids having their head chopped off because they wouldn’t convert to Islam? What about a 14 year old being thrown off a 4 story building because of being a Christian? What about the slaughter of Christians and the burning of churches? Now is anyone still going to tell me that Islam is a religion of peace? Now the good Muslims are not trusted because of the monsters of radicals in their midst and yet the good Muslims don’t seem to be doing anything to try and prove that Islam is a religion of peace. By the good Muslims not doing anything to stop these radicals, to me it seems that they more or less agree with those radicals or they just don’t want to get mixed up in it even though some Muslims are killed as if they were infidels.

In closing there is only one God but some people have different ways of praying to him. Radicals think that they have a God of their own and their way of praying to him is the only way any other way you are considered as an infidel and don’t deserve to live.

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