Sunday, April 26, 2015

Revisiting a post - where is Hell?

I was trying to find something that would give credence to my statement as to where hell is. I figured if I was to find something of the kind ,I would have to go to the scriptures of Revelation. After reading from Revelation 1 up to 12, I finally found what I was looking for in 12:7 to 12:10 where it states that “Satan and his angels were hurled to earth” because there was no room in heaven for him and his angels. There was more to what I’ve stated but I tried to cut down on the writing of what went on. To really be understand it, a person would have to read it themselves. But for believers, if this doesn’t prove that the Anti-Christ is on this Earth I don’t know what will.And if that is the case, Hell must be here.

One thing that I can say in writing this is to say Armageddon is not too far away. There is a hint in Revelations as to what to look for by watching the sky at night and when all these colors appear that would be the start of it.

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