Friday, May 29, 2015

True fact (Part 1)

What I’m going to write is hard to believe, but it's true. It's about what was happening in this apartment and what I did to make it go away. Last October, after living in house that I rented for 18 years, I had to move out because it was going to be demolished and replaced with a duplex. I finally found another place. This time it was in an apartment building which I don’t like because of some inconsiderate people who live in the building. They don’t consider other people that also live there so they continue their racket as if they were in a private house. The people that used to live in this apartment had moved into another one in this same building.

Ever since I moved in here, up to a couple of days ago every night there was always some noise in the kitchen. Once I was in bed and sometimes when I was sitting at the computer at night and I would get up and go and see, thinking that my son might be in there but there was no one that I could see and my son was in his bedroom and my dogs would always be near me so I was sure it wasn’t either one of them.

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