Thursday, October 8, 2015

God’s creations.

Most of us were taught that God created everything that wasn’t made by man. Now what interests me? Would He have created some planets that to our knowledge have no life on them at all and if so what would the purpose be for them to be there? He must have had something in mind to create them of which I don’t believe that they were created just for the fact of having them there.

There must be some kind of life on one of those planets at least. Just the fact that there are so many UFOS’ seen by people seems to substantiate that. I’m sure that the ships that they would travel here in are not made out of cardboard boxes. At the speed they travel those ships must be made of something really strong and fire proof. Now those things are built by some living thing of high intelligence. Would it be some kind of human of high intelligence or something that would look way different than humans? Now they must have to land when they arrive here, and whatever pilots those ships must stay and land somewhere. Just that alone tells me that we are not alone in this universe or even on this planet we call Earth. There are some kind of life on another planets somewhere other than this God forsaken rotten world. While I’m at it, was there something seen on the moon when the USA landed a man on the moon. They have never went back since then? Why not?

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