Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Does God exist or not?

While surfing the internet this morning I opened this site, and I was surprised to read about how many people believed that God existed but have changed their mind. Do those people think that because they can’t see him that He doesn’t and never did exist? I wonder if they ever thought how we and everything that wasn’t man made came to be. Just because He doesn’t show Himself doesn’t mean that He doesn’t exist. How many people have prayed to Him about healing this one or that one and their prayers were answered? Almost every day you hear that somewhere someone was healed because of prayers to God. How many people say prayers to heal either themselves or someone else? Because He can’t be seen and prayers are answered that should prove something. No?

Another thing - a lot of people believe in the devil who is all for evil but to believe in a Deity that’s only for good it’s unbelievable is that it? I really don't get that.

Some people believe so much in the devil who is called Lucifer that they even have churches for him. Those churches should be called not churches but hell houses to my concern. Only God has churches.

All I can say to this is when the end of times happens I believe that a lot of unbelievers’ will have a big surprise but by then it will be too late for redemption. I mentioned before that I’m not too much of a religious person but to have faith in Jesus and his Father God I believe and have faith that they do exist even though they can’t be seen and I also have faith that at the end of times you unbelievers will see what you think doesn’t exist.

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