Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I am a believer

The Bible states that the time is near for God to come to earth and destroy this rotten world (which to me has been taken over by Satan, helped by most of the citizens of the USA who have lost faith in God and His Son). The nation that used to be known as a God-fearing nation has turned into a God-non-fearing nation. So when God and His Son come down from Heaven and the unbelievers see them, there will be a lot of whining for redemption. But to me by then it will be too late. They will have to suffer the consequences for their unbelief in what they could not see. I hope all this happens before Obama and his ass kissers start any kind of trouble and I really think that it will happen. Then you will see all those rats that have holes dug in the ground thinking that they will escape the wrath of God will see that God will find them and they will get the same treatment as the others that have given up on their faith.

I think I missed my calling in life I should have become a preacher as I’ve been writing things that I never thought that I would. I guess I’ll blame this on old age getting to me.

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