Friday, July 1, 2016

Fabricated Hell (alternate title: Born again)

Do you remember stories on TV about the kids who knew things that they shouldn't have known at their young age? I posted about it a long time ago. These kids knew specific details about specific history items they could not possibly have known. The theory goes that they've been reincarnated from previous lives.

Now I'm sending you to a site that the truthfulness of it needs to be questioned. I myself do believe that you are born again as a human after you die if you are not sent to Hell. The proof of those kids that I saw on video makes me believe that is the case. I should clarify that I believe some of it but not all of it. So I need your thoughts.

Check out this site. Watch the video there and let me know what you think of it. Leave your impressions in the comments and I will respond.

Thank you in advance.

UPDATE:  I was able to embed the video below as well.

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