Friday, August 15, 2014

Light at the end of a tunnel: Why is that?

Why is it that before I started talking about life after death, all I read was about others coming back from near death experiences with similar stories? For instance, they had all seen a light at the end of a tunnel? Then a neurosurgeon died and was at the door of heaven (I posted this story recently with the video).

Lately I’ve been reading that some who died and claim to have seen Jesus. Others have seen Hell and others have seen how maliciously souls were treated in Hell (for example being tortured in different ways, skin being ripped off their bodies, skin and flesh burned off their bodies). I read a claim that one could see just the skeleton and still that person was crying out in pain. That makes no sense to me. If you’re interested in watching about these people coming back from the afterlife you can see the video I included previously, here.

There are a lot of related stories on the Youtube page. I mean a lot. I've watched quite a few of them. I am not saying that these stories are not true. They could have happened. But in some of these instances a story could have been fabricated by a person of the cloth (i.e. a priest or minister) just to scare people in having more faith or having some faith. In my upbringing, I was Catholic and I used to listen and believe everything that the priest would tell us and sometimes it would scare the hell out of me. I know others were frightened by it too.

As I grew older I soon found out that some of the things he would tell us were lies upon lies. At the very least, they were hard to reconcile. For instance “if you died before confessing your sins, you would go straight to Hell and burn for all eternity”. Then he would say “ God is a good and forgiving God”. But an eternity in Hell doesn't seem very forgiving. Then, if something bad would happen we would ask him how can that happen. His answer was “ It was Gods will”. One minute he was a good and forgiving God but then if something bad would happen God was blamed for it. There was sometimes a lack of consistency in the message we received from the church.

That is why I stated some of the life after death accounts could be stories made up by a man of the cloth. Some of them may not be as straightforward with their flocks as others.

So if they aren't being clear, then why is their consistency in the life after death stories? Why do so many people see the same thing? Could it be that some people - priests or even the people who died themselves are looking for attention and just repeating stories from what they have heard elsewhere? Maybe. My on personal experience was not the same as what many others have claimed to have seen. I know what I saw when I was briefly dead. Maybe everyone sees something different. Maybe only a few people do. Or maybe a bunch of the stories are made up, and only a few are real.

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