Friday, August 1, 2014

To Hell Then Heaven Then Back.

This post is about a young girl Tamara Laroux, committing suicide. If you’re interested in seeing what she has seen in the afterlife, you can watch the video below.  Personally, I can’t make up my mind as to how much of this video should be believed. The reason I’m saying this is because one of the commandments clearly states “Thou shall not commit murder”. You'll see why that is important in the video.

Now this woman Tamara Laroux claims that God had told her not to shoot herself in the head.  So instead she put the weapon to her chest aiming for her heart and then pulled the trigger. This doesn’t make any sense to me because of the commandment I just mentioned. She said that God told her not to shoot herself in the head. So her solution was to shoot herself somewhere else?  How does that make it right? Then if the rest of her story were true, to me it would seem that God was giving her permission to commit suicide. That would be murdering yourself which would go against the commandment that is in the Bible.

Another statement by her is odd. “I have been to hell and seen people crying in pain because they were burning". She said that she knew what each person's sins were and that they were in there for eternity. That I don’t believe either, because as Christians we are told that God is a good God. A good and forgiving God would not torture people and by burning people for eternity because that would be torture and I don’t believe that He would do that.

So my question would be: was this an opportunity for some priest or pastor to make up a good story to scare people into having more faith? I have a suspicious mind and with everything that is done and said in this world it is hard to believe everything that we are being told. Now mind you this could have happened but like I said I have a suspicious mind and when I visited the afterlife in the last day of May in 2011 the only things I had seen was a fence in front of a big building that looked like a big garage bin, a couple bare trees and a little blue house. Most people that have passed away and came back they all had a big story about what they had seen and what happened. I guess I was an outsider that was where I shouldn’t have been.

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