Monday, May 2, 2016

Advice to my readers.

Since the Pope has said not to have a “relationship with Jesus”, to me it seems he meant to ignore Jesus would be to ignore God too because Jesus says “My father and I are but one."  Now this Pope does say things that we the readers might not think are appropriate but to me at least, what he said about Jesus wasn’t proper.

One thing apparently was hidden from the public for a long time has started to come out via the Dead Sea Scrolls. The New Testament was written and the meaning has changed quite a bit as some misinformation has since been written by many people as what certain things meant.  But the Scrolls that were hidden from the public are starting to come out and apparently they must have been read before any of it was published for the public.  Some person like the Pope has found things that were written to be wrong but again, that could have been simply misinterpreted. Now as to what he said about Jesus: could he have mistaken what was predicted about the false Jesus when the end of time comes or just forgot to explain what he meant?

So far I have read quite a bit about those Dead Sea scrolls that were found in a cave and I mean the original writings by someone in the old Biblical days. I have found quite a lot in what was written in those days according to some of the stuff we read in our Bibles today. Apparently those caves are being searched for more scrolls. This Pope seems to have a problem like a lot of people have; he wags his tongue before engaging his brains. 

By the way, I have lost another site where he exposes what is going on in the Catholic religion. I’m searching for that site and when I find it I will write about it and include the site.

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