Friday, May 27, 2016

Politicians (part 2)

One morning recently, I heard on CFRA a stupid woman saying that climate change affected woman more. Also there was something about the politicians wanting to push through to add about another 60 languages? 

See what I mean about some of those educated fools, when I wrote about it yesterday? To my concern this is Canada and there are only two languages: English and French and nothing else. Can anyone imagine the mess if we had all of  those languages? Most people can’t even handle two languages? 

There are a lot more things I could say about the way this country of ours (our laws and our way of living) is being given away and I find that the only way we can get to keep Canada our own country would be to vote those Liberals out completely. The Trudeaus seem to want to change it to have it the way they would want it to be; a country to be given away. Some of those educated fools are the reason why this world has turned out to be a world of insanity. 

An unrelated note but I want to write about it while I'm thinking of it - that morning on the same radio station they claimed that sugar was toxic and yet they are going to legalize pot? And those are the educated people I’m talking about.

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