Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The sounds of the trumpets

The sound of trumpets which I mentioned in one of my previous posts is on my mind. These sounds are supposed to be a warning from God that doom is near. I believe that the sounds that we have heard recently are the sounds of the trumpets they have already sounded twice before but they could hardly be heard. Now I can’t say exactly how many times these sounds are suppose to occur but I believe its suppose to be seven times. Don’t quote me on that because I am not sure. But the Bible talks about the trumpets.

Like I stated before in the Bible it says that God will not destroy the world but man will do it with fire. If there is a war of the kind that would bring that powerful fire I am willing to say that Iran will be the cause of it and I also believe that Ahmadinejad is tired of life and that’s why he is acting the way he does . He knows that if he starts a war there is no way that he could win but, maybe his wish would be to die so’s he would be considered a martyr if any one survived.

Are those strange sounds heard recently the trumpets from God?  Is Iran going to start a war?  Could be.  That’s my opinion. 


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