Monday, February 6, 2012

Weird sounds around the world

Yesterday, I checked out some videos about the weird sounds that were heard and the vibrations of the Earth all over the world.  Check these out:

Now, as usual I was not disappointed. On one of the videos I never paid attention to the name but any one can search it and check it out. This person claims that the old world that we knew, was destroyed and we could be on a big ship heading to a newer world. Furthermore they claim that the ship is so old now that you can hear the sound of the metal twisting and rubbing and that is what’s making the sounds that we hear. He then went on about aliens. I believe that there maybe other life forms on other planets because of all the U.F.Os that have been sighted over time. But for us to be on a big ship I would say welcome to the land of fiction.( I was waiting to hear if we were all on the Ark.)

According to the Bible God said that he will never destroy the world again but that man will destroy himself by fire.

I hope I’m not going into fiction land myself by  what I’m going to write next. With all the problems going on in this world and the prediction of doom coming soon, could it be the sound of God sounding off his displeasure as to what has become of his creations?

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