Sunday, February 21, 2016

Christians, Muslims and the Bible (part 2)

Now here are a couple of examples why they should have waited until more detail was found in the old days. The Scripture of the Testament was written twice and the second one there is more about Jesus than the first writing of this Scripture. On another post I wrote about this book that I had found that was studied in the Catholic schools in Quebec. This book apparently claims God sent an Angel down to earth to tell this person to go and tell his King to attack a certain city because they were praying to false idols. Yet in one of the 10 commandments it states that thou shalt not kill. Now what are we to believe? That the king would send his soldiers to attack those cities with hugs and kisses?

Now those Muslims are dedicated to their Qur’an as some of us are to our Bibles. Only the radicals play judge and jury by killing and torturing people are not worthy of the same respect as others. For the rest of us, we are all reading different versions of what happened and we should keep that in mind.

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