Thursday, February 18, 2016

The USA and Canada

This  post might not seem like it belongs on my Ghost's blog, but hang in there, because it relates to Bible prophecy, which I have posted about many times here.  

I would say that most people of these 2 nations do not like their own country and it has been proven by the way they have voted. In the USA they have elected a person as president that has proven himself to be a con man and an educated fool. The same thing was just done in Canada a couple of months ago. In the USA Democrats and here in Canada the Liberals have destructive policies, if not actual agendas. There are no real differences in their agendas as both of those parties are for the destruction of their country whether it be on purpose or not but because of lack of experience in politics. In my view, in the USA the destruction of that nation is being done on purpose but in Canada it’s a lack of knowledge on how a country should be managed.

In the USA everything that can be done to destroy the USA is being done, including the massive reduction of size of the armed forces that are supposed to be for the protection of the nation.

By the looks of things and reports various discussions on the Internet, that country could be taken over without too many problems, considering the president wants to disarm the citizens of their Constitutional right to weapons. Another thing by doing that, it would make it easier for Marshall Law to be declared as there would not be too many weapons in the hands of the citizens. Also the distribution of military gear to the various police agencies around the country should make people uncomfortable. That is - unless they do not like their own country. Also, what about the president stating that he thinks that he could win the presidency again if he ran for the next election? Constitutionally he is not allowed. If I lied in America that would make me nervous.

If what is Prophesied in the scripture of Revelations by the first of January 2017, what is known now as Sodom and Gomorrah (the USA) will not exist anymore which would foretell the second coming of God and Jesus.

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