Tuesday, February 2, 2016

To be reborn again (Part 2)

Now the church of God they say you don’t feel any pain when your soul is incinerated.  My question would be how would anyone of them know? Did anyone of them have that experience? Or do they have a scroll that says so? According to what I’ve read and the videos that I’ve watched, when people are in Hell they feel everything. And those people are going to try and make me believe that if your soul is incinerated you don’t feel any pain? Especially being incinerated for the biggest sin against one of the Lords commandment that says thou shall not kill? That is why I keep on saying the Bible is written like it was a riddle and not enough has been found about the Bible to give us the real truth. Yes I believe there are a lot in the Bible has been written that is the truth but I think a lot of it has been made up. I could be wrong but there are things in it that are hard to believe.

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