Monday, April 4, 2011

Checking Cemeteries & Other Manifestations

Part 1

When I moved to the Province of Quebec I decided to go to work for a security company and since I had plenty of experience in security work, they hired me on the spot.. I was hired as a mobile Security Supervisor.

My job consisted of doing personal checks in private homes for some people who would go on holidays. They would hire us to check on their homes while they were gone. We were also hired to check the cemeteries for vandalism and lock the gates at 9 p.m. and unlock them in the morning at 8 a.m. and also to respond to any alarms once called by the alarm company.
False alarm

Around 1:30 a.m. I received a call from the alarm company saying a alarm went off in the office of this one cemetery. When I arrived the police were waiting for me to unlock the gate then I unlocked the door of the office and we ran upstairs were the office was. Reaching the office we noticed an old rocking chair rocking as if some one had left in a hurry. The polices and I searched the different rooms and checked all the windows but there was nothing to be found.

Voice from a departed

This main cemetery, when ever I would go in to check it, I was always drawn to this grave. On one of my checks I decided to go over to this one first and I tried to read what was marked on the Tombstone but the weather had done its work. The next morning when I went in the office I told my boss about it and when I told him that I could not read what was on it and why, he said well lets get some wire brushes and hot water and detergent. I had all this at home we decided to get the stuff. This was on a Saturday morning we went down and tried to brush the Tombstone to try and get a name but we couldn't but we could read that Mr. And Mrs was buried  in the 1800's then we left.

The next morning when I went to open the gates I went back to check on this grave and all of a sudden a deep male voice sounded and it just said Hello I looked around to see if there was any one around but there wasn't.

The unexplained

Some times I would bring my grand kids with me and this night I did. I unlock the back gate of the cemetery and drove in then locked the gate back up with the intention of going out the front gate then lock it up When I started my patrol, I noticed there was a blue car but I did not pay attention to it, I looked at the time and it was 9 P.M. time to lock the front gate.  I drove to the front and lock the gate. Now the cemetery was secured I started walking around checking office doors, garage doors and the crematorium then checked the rest of the property but every thing was a secured .except  for that blue car. I looked and looked and could not find it and the kids were looking to but this car was nowhere to be seen and like I previously said the two gates were locked .and there is a big fence all around this cemetery.

Checking Cemeteries ( Part 2 - Knocking on the trunk of the car)

This night I took my Grand kids with me as usual. Did my check then I pulled up in front of the office in the big parking lot and wrote my report. My Grand kids were in the back seat of the patrol car not making any noise while I was finishing my report and all of a sudden there was a couples of knocks on the trunk I turn around and could not see anything so I got out and checked but still could not see any one and this was a big parking lot and if there would of been some one around they wouldn’t of had time to hide or run without being seen.

Awful smell

Another time I had my Son with me and he was 32 years old then. I did my patrol as usual but instead of parking inside to write my report I drove out the gate and wrote it, then came inside and dropped my report in to the office and  went out. When I got in the car there was a rotten smell like stale tobacco and rotten meat and my Son was not smelling it. After leaving the cemetery I stopped at the first traffic lights and I told my Son to open his door which he did then I looked in the back and I said you have no business here so get out then the smell went away and my Son said what’s going on ? then I told him about the smell and he said he did not smell anything.

Third Manifestation

I decided to find another house to live in since there was only my son and I.

I  figured one bedroom and I would sleep in the living room. After looking around I went by one with a sign for rent I took the telephone no. that was on the sign and wrote it down but before leaving I pressed my face on the glass of the front door to see if there was anything in there .I got a surprise no sooner did I pressed my face to the glass a face of an old woman appeared her face was full of wrinkles. I called the landlord and I asked her when the house would be empty and she answered that it was. I told her what I had seen and she came down and showed me that the house was empty. 

The following month I moved in but every night its as if some one was walking in the kitchen. or moving  dishes. or dropping something on the floor I have a Pit bull mix with Boxer and she will not go at the other end of the kitchen or even in the bathroom. One day my Grand daughter came for a visit then went to the bathroom and came back out in a few minutes shaking saying she had heard a woman’s voice. My Grand Son came over for a visit one morning and we were sitting having a coffee and smoking a cigarette when all of a sudden the kitchen light came on I turned it off then a few minutes later the radio came on. From Monday to Friday I like to listen to this radio station from 9 A.M. to 12:00 and it never misses the radio gets shut off I have to get up and turn it on again.

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