Monday, April 25, 2011


Whenever the word "reincarnation" is mentioned in a conversation, it either provokes a big laugh or it starts a new conversation. Then again it's like "ghost", "phantom", "apparition" or "manifestation" - a lot of people do not believe.
Well here is some thing to think about.

When I  reached the age where I realized that we are all humans but with different personalities and character for some reason I started to listen to the way people spoke and walked. I studied the  mannerism of each person I knew or met. Quite a few people that I met acted in the same manner as some one that I already knew that had died.

Here is another example of why I think there is such a thing as reincarnation.  I've noticed that if someone died in a family, in that immediate family or that of a relative, a new baby is born who later on in life it turns out to have the same mannerism and the same character as the person that had died.

Here is another reason to consider reincarnation. Have you ever done something that you are positive that you have never done before but that you knew exactly what to do because you had the feeling that you had done it before? Have you ever a conversation with someone and had the feeling that you have already had the same conversation with some one else? Perhaps the previous version of the conversation was with a person that had died. And yet in the current conversation you knew exactly what his or her next statement would be?  I would say that if you think about it seriously, you might find out that this might have happened to you, but you did not realize it.

What if our Creator decided that a person did not accomplish what he or she was put on this earth to do and therefore reincarnates that person but such that they would not remember everything that was done in the past life.  The Creator decided just to give that person a chance to do what He expected  them to do but for whatever reason they did not or could not do it?

I would say this is some thing to think about. If any Bible preacher would read this they would say I do not think so but these same people do not believe in spirits or anything like that.  But they do believe that each one of us has a guardian Angel by our side and if that is not a spirit then what is it? Meanwhile they do believe in bad spirits like the devil and some people being  possessed  with a bad spirit but yet there are no good spirits just bad ones  according to them it seems.

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