Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coincidence or what ?

I had a nice big black Belgian Shepard and the only white was on her four paws. This dog was very friendly to other people that you would let in to the house and every one that got to know this dog more or less fell in love with her.

The Land Lord that I rented this house from had a garden in the back. After supper every night he used to come and water his garden. Once I seen how friendly my dog was I took her out to see the Land Lord. First he was reluctant to touch her but after he seen how friendly she was he started to pet her. I guess my dog took to him that first time she seen him. The next night he came down to look after his garden she was at the door wanting to go out I let her out. The door was not even open enough for her to run out she actually hit it then she ran up to him and he reached in his pocket and gave her a treat. After that every night was the same even on the week ends. At the last I would let her out when ever I would see him and she would run out and he would hug her and even let her lick him on the mouth.

One day he told me that he would finally own that dog and I answered no way. I would say about two months later he went in the hospital and this was in August 2009 he had been in there for about two weeks when roughly around that time my dog got sick I could tell she was not feeling good so I waited to see if she would get better. On the 19th of September2009  my Land Lord died at 1:00 a.m. which was a Sunday morning and my dog died at 10:am  that same day. I guess he kept his word he came and got my dog. Coincidence or do you think  His Spirit  came and got her?

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