Monday, April 18, 2011

Voice in the basement

When my Father came back from the second World War, as I mentioned in my previous post, he came up to my grandparents' place and took us back with him to a apartment that he had rented in Ottawa.  We lived in apartment #2 and next door to us lived a family by the name  of  Deschamplain. This family consisted of  a Mr. and Mrs. and they had one daughter by the name of Yvonne.  Yvonne always stayed at home because her mom was blind and her father was prone to heart attacks.

After a week or two of being there, the daughter came over and asked me if I would go to the store for them when they needed some thing and I said yes.

Most of the time it would be Mr. Deschamplain that would yell for me and I would hurry because  I knew what the situation was. The first time he called I went to see him and he told me what he wanted. When I came back and gave Him what He had ordered He gave me 25 cent and in those days 25 cents would pay my way in the theater and also a coke.
                                                                 The basement

 The basement  of this apartment building was one long one and it was creepy There was only one light with very low  voltage. When ever it would rain my sisters and I would go down there to play.

One day while playing in the basement I heard Mr, Deschamplain calling me I said to myself 'another 25 cents'.  I ran upstairs and knocked on their door and Mrs. Deschamplain answered.  She was crying and since she could not see me I said its me Robert.  She did not say anything until I said Mr. Deschamplain just called me and she answered he could not have because he had just died.  I. excused myself and went hom

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