Monday, May 30, 2011

Moving Ghost.

From what I have read some ghost like to hang around the closet. Well mine did not have a choice of being in the bathroom because I don’t have a closet. I guess this one that I have in my house(which I've mentioned before) has moved to the basement. I go in the bathroom and I don’t feel as if there is a presence there like I could before. At night time while trying to sleep, I don’t hear any more foot steps back and forth in the kitchen. Now my radio does not turn off until I shut it off and my kitchen lights don’t come on until I turn them on.

I thought that she had left me, but no. Now it seems she has moved into the basement, because I went down to the basement one day and a strange feeling came over me. I figured it was just my imagination because this basement is creepy with its dirt floor and poor lighting and cobwebs hanging all over with the spiders on them. I moved a few things around things that were in my path. I moved them to my satisfaction then went back upstairs. That night I heard some wood being moved around like 2x4s planks, plastic bags full of clothes and a few other things. When I got up the next morning, I was convinced that my unwelcome visitor had moved. But I went down the basement what I had moved were back in the same places as they were they were before I moved them, and this time when I went down there was no mistaken her presence was felt.

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