Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Part 2 of 2 - Bible History, Kingdom of God Series

This book was supplied by the Catholic schools Commission of Hull. I came to the conclusion that if the Catholics were to follow the way that the World was, like in the old Biblical days, they would make the Jihadist of today look tame, according to how those people acted like. According to this book, it was God sending an Angel on earth to tell someone to tell his king to go and declare war on this certain Country because the people were idolizing false Gods. Then it jumps about the Jews being God’s favourite people and about the land given to them and also about the land of the Palestinians, and what is said about the Jews and the Palestine’s land given to them by God. I’m not going further then that about that subject, because even to this day, there are land disputes among those two.

All the preachers, priest, nuns, monks, and friars, all tell us that God is good but according to this Old Testament they make it sound like he is a War monger of which is hard to believe that he would be. Now we all know why religion is disappearing because the people responsible for writing of the Bible don’t know what went on and it seems like they were just guessing. Plus, all the fraud of some preachers and child molestation from the Catholic Priests and what ever else that goes beyond Gods teaching.

Now what about all these students that studied from this book? I wonder what they think of when they hear someone say God is good.


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