Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is the truth?

Last night I received a video from a friend that more or less scared the heck out of me. The video is about unlocking The Bible Prophecy about the number 666.

In my previous post I mentioned about a book titled Kingdom of God Series. My first point in that book was the way people were acting in those days make the jihadists of today look tame. My second comment was that I didn’t believe that God would send his angel on earth to tell someone to tell his King to make war on a certain country because they were idolizing false Idols.

After reading and then watching that video I tend to believe it was Satan, that sent one of his false angels to give that sort of message. That’s why I title this post "What is the truth?"

Was there a mistake made in the writing of that book? Or was is the writers of that book that didn’t have the true facts and wrote what they thought was the truth? According to the video, I tend to believe it, because there is evidence to prove that some of what's in the book is wrong. If anyone reads that post, and this one, I would appreciate any feedback on my comments today regarding the book that I commented on after now having watched this scary video.

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