Friday, May 20, 2011

This is for the unbeliever, Mr. Stephen Hawking

When I went online tonight to read the news like I always do on CNN, I ran across an article that is supposed to be a statement made by Mr. Stephen Hawking and I quote, his statement was:

“There is no Heaven that is just a fairy tale” 

Mr. Hawking does not believe in the after life. He also believes that the Bible was written just to control, (in other words) the people. Yes Mr. Hawking, it was written for that, but not in the way you think. I will admit a lot of things were changed in the Bible because of words that were substitute that replaced words that there was no substitute for, and the results changed certain sentences or paragraphs. By not believing in it, or the existence of God, or after life, you might have a surprise when your time comes. I do not believe we were born under a rock and I guess you do not believe in Spirits or Ghosts which ever word you want to use, and to me, there is an after life and there are all kinds of evidence that there are Spirits, Phantoms and dark shadows that do exist. 

Mr. Hawking I am not too much of a religious man, but I do believe that there is a god and he is the only one that can kill the Spirit. Mr. Hawking, you might be a millionaire, but I’m sure that when your time comes, you will find out that on judgment day when you face the Creator, you might be in for a surprise. Just like the rest of us. 

My advice to you and all the nonbelievers in this world is: you better think twice on what you don’t believe. 
Like I said, we were not born under a rock, or slipped out from under a pile of fertilizer.

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