Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I’m not predicting the end of the world.

Since I heard quite a number of times when the world was going to end and just recently by Mr. Camping. Well we are still here. After sitting back and think about what I read in the Bible, I remember reading that before the world ends we would know because we will have storms like we have never had before.  In some parts of the world they have had some really bad ones lately.  Also according to the Bible, there will be earthquakes - bad ones and also floods.  It also mentioned that there would be all kinds of diseases that man will not be able to cure. Well so far its starting to look like it might happen soon. For some diseases there are no treatments - they can only be slowed down from progressing too fast.

UPDATE:   I read in the news recently another person I've spoken about, Stephen Hawking, was admitted to the hospital because of a stroke. I wish him a quick recovery (if he is still with us -  I say this is because he is 89 years old now).

Monday, June 13, 2011


I was reading the news on CNN  this morning and spotted a video . I clickedon it and it was from the Church of God narrated by  Mr. D. C. Pack and he stated that Jesus was crucified to eradicate the sins of man. Now what about the woman? She was created By God and given the breath of life just like man was.

What I’m wondering is why is it mostly man that is mentioned in the Bible? According to what I thought, it was a woman that committed the first “sin” and even Jesus disciples where all men. I  wonder if this is why woman is considered  less then humans in the third World Countries? I know when I was young and lived with my grandparents and they were Catholics. I remember a lot of times in the discussions of the adult men that a woman belongs in the house to raise a family and to take care of kids and husband. I also remember that a woman had to have some thing on her  head to go into a Catholic Church. I don’t know if that has  changed. I guess this is why nuns are covered from head to ankles.

 Has any Scrolls or tablets  been found to tell us the truth?  Has  the Bible been changed so much by the translation of it that the true version of the original language of what  the disciples have suppose to have written has been changed? Because there was no replacement for those words and the results changed the meaning of a sentence or paragraph. Were all those disciples able to write? This is the reason I say to obey the ten commandments.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Allegedly assaulted by a ghost

One day a friend of mine called and asked if I would take him to a little village called Poltimore in Quebec, because he wanted to rent a house that was advertised available to rent. I picked Him up and took him there. After seeing the house he told the landlord that he wanted it. He signed a lease and paid him his first month's rent.