Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Computer fail

My computer's hard drive crashed and I've been dealing with a borrowed laptop.  I hate laptops.  I'm a senior citizen and I just find that laptops are too small, and I don't like using them.  So I haven't been posting or writing the last few days.  I'll be back regularly as soon as I can get my own desktop fixed.

This kind of serves as a rant and as an explanation.  

Have a better day than my desktop.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Quick notes on comments and the end of the world

It's been a while and I just wanted to comment on two things.

1) Comments - I just saw two comments that were awaiting moderation/review before being posted.  They'd been there a week, and I just saw them and allowed them to be posted.  Sorry for the delay commenters.

2)  If you are interested, here's some information I found on the Mayan end of the world predictions:
A stone found in Guatemala carved by the Mayas some 1,300 years ago states that the ancient civilization's 13th "baktun" period - each of which lasts some 400 years - will end on Dec. 21, the second historical reference found regarding the ancient civilization's pending calendar change.

The find was announced this past week by Guatemalan and U.S. archaeologists who explained that they uncovered the stone last April at a dig being worked by students from Guatemala's Universidad Del Valle, Tulane and the University of Texas.

U.S. archaeologist David Stuart, one of the experts who announced the find, said that the carved steps on which the stone was found contains the longest Mayan text discovered to date in Guatemala.

This is the second reference ever found regarding the change in the Maya calendar. The other was uncovered at a site called Tortuguero in Mexico's Tabasco state, he said.