Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creation of first man

                                       Creation of first man

According to the Bible man was created by God from dust then  He gave him the breath of life and man came alive then he was named  Adam. Then God created a woman by taking a Rib from Adam and God must of given her the breath of life also and named her Eve..Now .to me the breath of life that God gave Adam and Eve was the Spirit of life Since God give Them the breath of life that means that only God can kill this Spirit which leaves the body once we die..Now when the Spirit has left the body what’s left is void of mind and Spirit and the only reason we have to pay respect to the body its because it was the creation of God and also loved by people that are still alive.
Now the big question where does this Spirit goes to when we die ? I don’t believe that it goes anywhere it just floats around till Judgement day comes and according to the Bible when the dead shall rise to be Judged.

I am not to much of a  religious   man but I am curious and that’s why I have all kinds of Bibles and I read as much as I can and being a senior I have all the time in the world.

This is why I believe in Ghost and Spirits and also from what I’ve seen a couples Manifestations and once a  voice of which I will explain as I go back on my Ghost stories not including about the one I’ve already wrote.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Do you believe in life after death?

First Manifestation:( was thirteen then )

When my Father enrolled in the armed  forces for the second  World War in 1939 we were living in an apartment in Ottawa and  since my Mother  did not have a job she realized that she would not be able to take care of us  I said us because I have three sisters. I was 4years old and my sisters three two and 1 year old so she brought us up to her Parents who owned a farm  in a little village in the Province of Quebec. This farm house were my Grand Parents lived and we were going to live was an old dilapidated old house.Inside this house downstairs there were three doors one front and one back and one for the room they called the parlor of which we were not allowed to go in not even look in I will explain later on.Upstairs there were three rooms but no doors on the rooms just the door frames,also when you reached the second floor you ended up in a room that look like a dormitory and that's where my sisters slept in, the left side of that room was my Grand Parents room and right side was were my uncle and I slept His bed on one side and mine on the other side. On this night I went to bed as usual.but for some reason or other something woke me up and where my bed was as soon as I would open my eyes I would be looking at the doorway and what I seen there was a beautiful Lady with long black hair and in a white dress and she was smiling I did not pay to much attention because some people would come over and stay to late to go home so they would sleep over.When I got up that morning and washed then went for breakfast I noticed.that young Lady was was not there so I asked my Grand mother about her and she said that there was no one else here except the family. I told her what I had seen and she said just eat your breakfast your scaring the other kids.and just as she said that the old telephone rang and she answered it then she started to cry and hung up then turned around and said to my uncle Mary died this morning around two thirty then she looked at me and gave me a funny look.

This Mary was my uncles wife of which I had never seen but when I described this woman that I had seen it was her as my Uncle told me later on.Now I knew why my Granny had given me that weird look apparently this woman had been in the hospital for the past two years.She wanted to see her sisters kids which was my sisters and I but she died before she could. She came and saw us after she died that was my way of thinking..

Now about this room that I mentioned earlier they called the parlor and these days we call it the living room. This room was rented out to the Coroner that lived next door and when he was finished prepping a deceased he did not have a place to set it up so people could come and visit so he would rent the room from my Granny. To this day I believe that, that house was haunted because a lot of things went on there in the middle of the night but at the time I did not realize what it could have been because I was to young.