Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Middle East in Bible Prophecy (Part 2)

I finished reading the book mentioned above and from what I read in this book, there is no way that the people from the Third World countries will ever change. Their faith has been estranging their brain from reality at such a young age, that they honestly believe there are no other faiths than their own that should exist.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Middle East in Bible Prophecy (Part 1)

I just received this book The Middle East in Bible Prophecy, from the publishers of the United Church of God.  From what I’ve read in it so far, it seems to be very interesting and revealing about Abraham. What is mentioned in this book, is also in the Bible but the interpretation of the verses of the Bible by these people make it more interesting to read, it’s like night and day comparing to how some preachers interpret the Bible.

We have all heard of the Third World countries and the way they conduct themselves but not too many people know how these countries came to be. In this book it tells you exactly how it came to be and who was responsible for it. We all know that in the Middle East especially most problems and killings are about religion.
Quoting the top of page seven. “It’s impossible to understand the present Middle East without  the knowledge of the three great religions that emanate from the area - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The towering historical figures behind these three religions- Moses, Jesus Christ and Muhammad- were all direct descendants of Abraham.”
 I also found out that by reading this book, there will never be an understanding between the Palestinians and the Israelites about Jerusalem, because of faith. There have been discussions on  this subject but neither nation will come to an agreement.

Part 2 will be coming up shortly

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cemeteries haunted?

When I read or hear about some people being scared of going into a cemetery it makes me laugh. Some of these people don’t even believe that ghosts exist, so what exactly are they scared about? And then there are some that do believe in ghosts.  I guess they think that one or more of the deceased will come out of their grave and attack them.

Some people have claimed that they have seen a ghost in a cemetery.  I must ask, was it real or just  imagination? The reason I’m saying this, is because I used to go into these places for my work and checked to see if there was anyone that was vandalizing the place. I had three to check in the evening.  Sometimes it was in the middle of the night when the alarm company would call me because they would receive a warning that an alarm was set off in one of those cemeteries.