Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A secret revealed

After a little over 2 years of searching if there would be someone stupid enough to start a nuclear war and I truly believe that what I found in this video, captures it:

Based on all that I’ve been reading concerning all the disagreements amongst nations and those nations upgrading their weapons capabilities puts us all in peril. I always believed that a third world war was not too far off. Today after finding the video above I truly believe that the world is in its last century. I really hope that will not happen but these days what counts to a lot of people is greed for money and power.

These two things will be the cause of a third world war.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Where is Hell?

When I hear of some people saying Hell is here on Earth I shake my head. I would say those people are wrong, but they are not too far from the truth of where hell is. I would say hell is somewhere deep down in this planet and not on the surface. Now the heat from the middle of the Earth rises up to about 6 ft. from the surface and that’s why when a body is buried it has to be 6 ft. so the heat of the earth would decay the body faster than if it were closer to the surface.

According to religious teachings the Lord works in mysterious ways. The way He created earth, He must have had a good reason for having designed it so it would not blow up with the heat that is created all the gases and oil that is in the earth and I believe that when a volcano erupts with its power and lava its to relieve pressure that has been built up over time. Having these volcano’s erupting here and there takes pressure off different parts of the planet. This would prevent the planet from blowing up or overheating.

Don’t forget the Lord said “Ye were created of dust and to dust ye shall return”. Now to me this means you become a Spirit that could roam the planet until Judgment Day and after judgment if you are not accepted in the Kingdom of God you are sent back to dust but in the Earth to Hell. That’s why I say Hell is deep down in this planet. Now before condemning me of being insane for coming to this kind of conclusion I would say read it again with an open mind and really think about what I just wrote. Also consider the spirits (or ghosts if you prefer calling them that) who roam the earth, which has been proven many times of their existence.

I will be glad to read any comments and answer them if they are worthwhile responding to.