Monday, May 30, 2011

Moving Ghost.

From what I have read some ghost like to hang around the closet. Well mine did not have a choice of being in the bathroom because I don’t have a closet. I guess this one that I have in my house(which I've mentioned before) has moved to the basement. I go in the bathroom and I don’t feel as if there is a presence there like I could before. At night time while trying to sleep, I don’t hear any more foot steps back and forth in the kitchen. Now my radio does not turn off until I shut it off and my kitchen lights don’t come on until I turn them on.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What is the truth?

Last night I received a video from a friend that more or less scared the heck out of me. The video is about unlocking The Bible Prophecy about the number 666.

In my previous post I mentioned about a book titled Kingdom of God Series. My first point in that book was the way people were acting in those days make the jihadists of today look tame. My second comment was that I didn’t believe that God would send his angel on earth to tell someone to tell his King to make war on a certain country because they were idolizing false Idols.

After reading and then watching that video I tend to believe it was Satan, that sent one of his false angels to give that sort of message. That’s why I title this post "What is the truth?"

Was there a mistake made in the writing of that book? Or was is the writers of that book that didn’t have the true facts and wrote what they thought was the truth? According to the video, I tend to believe it, because there is evidence to prove that some of what's in the book is wrong. If anyone reads that post, and this one, I would appreciate any feedback on my comments today regarding the book that I commented on after now having watched this scary video.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kingdom of God Series - Part 1 of 2

One day while riding my bicycle for exercise, I went by a pile of garbage and it must have been garbage day because it was up and down the street. I noticed beside one garbage container, a book on the ground beside it, and that caught my interest. I stopped and picked it up and it was the Kingdom of God series titled BIBLE HISTORY. 

I picked it up because of the title and when I flipped over the cover, it referred to the old Testament history. I wasn't going to leave that book there. 

This book was published in 1940 and revised in 1942 according to the information inside the cover.
The authors of this book were: 

William L. Newton, M.A.., S.S.D, Professor of Sacred Scripture, St. Mary’s Seminary, Cleveland Ohio General Secretary for the revision of the Bible in English.

Ella may Horan, PH.D., Editor of the Journal of religious instructions-De Paul University. Author of the Baltimore Catechism with Study lessons. 

Part 2 of 2 - Bible History, Kingdom of God Series

This book was supplied by the Catholic schools Commission of Hull. I came to the conclusion that if the Catholics were to follow the way that the World was, like in the old Biblical days, they would make the Jihadist of today look tame, according to how those people acted like. According to this book, it was God sending an Angel on earth to tell someone to tell his king to go and declare war on this certain Country because the people were idolizing false Gods. Then it jumps about the Jews being God’s favourite people and about the land given to them and also about the land of the Palestinians, and what is said about the Jews and the Palestine’s land given to them by God. I’m not going further then that about that subject, because even to this day, there are land disputes among those two.

All the preachers, priest, nuns, monks, and friars, all tell us that God is good but according to this Old Testament they make it sound like he is a War monger of which is hard to believe that he would be. Now we all know why religion is disappearing because the people responsible for writing of the Bible don’t know what went on and it seems like they were just guessing. Plus, all the fraud of some preachers and child molestation from the Catholic Priests and what ever else that goes beyond Gods teaching.

Now what about all these students that studied from this book? I wonder what they think of when they hear someone say God is good.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Truth About Hell

A friend of mine while surfing the Internet came across this page called the Truth About Hell.  Since I’m interested in anything that has to do with the Bible and scriptures, he sent it to me.  After reading all of it, I was really surprised at the way they explained some verses of the Bible and some from the scriptures. They made more sense than some of the Bible preachers I've heard trying to explain them, or coming to their own conclusion, and sounding as if they were speaking in parables. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

This is for the unbeliever, Mr. Stephen Hawking

When I went online tonight to read the news like I always do on CNN, I ran across an article that is supposed to be a statement made by Mr. Stephen Hawking and I quote, his statement was:

“There is no Heaven that is just a fairy tale” 

Mr. Hawking does not believe in the after life. He also believes that the Bible was written just to control, (in other words) the people. Yes Mr. Hawking, it was written for that, but not in the way you think. I will admit a lot of things were changed in the Bible because of words that were substitute that replaced words that there was no substitute for, and the results changed certain sentences or paragraphs. By not believing in it, or the existence of God, or after life, you might have a surprise when your time comes. I do not believe we were born under a rock and I guess you do not believe in Spirits or Ghosts which ever word you want to use, and to me, there is an after life and there are all kinds of evidence that there are Spirits, Phantoms and dark shadows that do exist. 

Mr. Hawking I am not too much of a religious man, but I do believe that there is a god and he is the only one that can kill the Spirit. Mr. Hawking, you might be a millionaire, but I’m sure that when your time comes, you will find out that on judgment day when you face the Creator, you might be in for a surprise. Just like the rest of us. 

My advice to you and all the nonbelievers in this world is: you better think twice on what you don’t believe. 
Like I said, we were not born under a rock, or slipped out from under a pile of fertilizer.

Dooms day

According to Mr. Camping, the world will end this Saturday coming.

Well Mr. Camping, I have news for you. That has been predicted quite a few times and this is twice by you so far. I don’t want to sound like a smart guy but I believe that the world will end when our Creator decides that it is time. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Comment on the book "What Happens After Death?"

Part 2

In my previous post I mentioned I would quote some of what was written. After reading further I soon found out that I would have to almost insert the whole book to make my point. To make it short,  if you're interested call this number ( 905 ) 876-9966 and ask them to send you the book "What Happens After Death?" As far as I can tell, it's free because I received one free. It is interesting reading.

Now here is another one that I can refer you to check out. If anyone is interested its called Belief Blog, and it is also very interesting. The one post that really caught my attention is entitled "My take: The  Bible’s  mixed message on sexuality". 

Here is a synopsis of some points made in this post. 

Genesis includes two versions of the story of God’s creation of the human person. First, God creates humanity - male and female and then God forms the human person again, this time in the Garden of Eden. The second human person is given the name Adam and the female is formed from his rib.   

Ancient Christians and Jews explained this two-step creation by imagining that the first human person possessed the genitalia of both sexes. Then, when the androgynous, dually-sexed person was placed in the garden, s/he was divided in two.

According to this account, the man “clings to the woman” in an attempt to regain half his flesh, which God took from him once he was placed in Eden. As third century Rabbi Samuel bar Nah man  explained, when God created the first man, God created him with two faces. “Then he split the androgyne and made two bodies, one on each side and turned them about. Then there are two Kings mentioned as John and David.

Very interesting blog.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Comment on a book titled What Happens After Death

Comments on a book    Part 1 of 2

I received a book that was created by the United Church of God. It is titled “What Happens After Death?”

It will seems like I’m promoting this book, but I’m not. I must say, it makes for good reading and it’s in plain language. The fonts are big enough that you do not have to squint to read it. What I’m thinking of is this; where do these people get all their information to write this stuff?

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with what is written in this book, and it makes for good reading. Whether you believe in life after death or not, it gets one to think about it. I realize that a lot of what is written in it is quoted from the scriptures, but still it does not answer my question as to where the information comes from. I found out by reading most of this book why Bible preachers do not believe in ghosts, phantoms, black shadows, manifestations, or apparitions or whatever else one would call them. I mentioned in a previous blog post that I do have faith in God. I do not faith as to what they are saying in this book. With respect to how long the soul stays and where it stays or goes, I can’t accept the book’s points simply because anyone who hasn’t seen a ghost or heard a voice from a departed one won’t believe the words of someone like me who have had these experiences. The way everything in this book is written is as though there was a reporter taking notes on everything that was said. In this book, the translations will not be accurate because of the many different words and meanings associated with them. It would be impossible to accurately translate each meaning into different languages multiple times.

I will add more thoughts here on my blog once I’m finished reading the book. I will quote from the best parts of the book that I nevertheless don’t believe as to where the soul goes when it has left the body and how long remains there. That might sound weird, but as you will see once you have read some quotes that I will insert in my next post, you will better understand what I’m talking about.