Thursday, January 26, 2012

The invisible jungle

The more I read about the super natural, the more I think that once we die we end up in a jungle.  That's because reading about black shadows, monsters, phantoms, and also animals, that’s what I’m beginning to think. I'm not implying that these things don’t exist, because I have no proof that they do or don’t. I will find out for myself in the not too distant future. 

It would not surprise me if all those things did exist in the afterlife because they were created by the Creator and to me anything that was created by the Creator was given the breath of life.  That’s why I think that animals have a soul. If so they can appear as spirits. As for insects or anything like that, I think once they die they are actually gone for good. I say animals must have a soul for the simple reason most animals can be trained to do things. For instance dogs cats and some birds just to name a few.  Because they can be trained, they can think - because they can think they have consciousness. Because they have consciousness they have the power to make choices.  That's getting pretty close to the territory of having a soul.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What is the truth?


What is the truth?  I've been asking myself that question with respect to when, if ever, is Doomsday going to happen. I read what the predictions are from a couple of people that said it would come in May of 2012. And of course there a lot of predictions about December of this year. They also predicted how its going to happen and the advanced warnings we are going to see before it happens. I also wrote on this blog about these predictions.

According to what I was taught by Catholics, when I was practicing that religion, was that God will never destroy the World again. Man will destroy himself by fire.

I will go with that reasoning, because the way things are in the world today with nuclear weapons proliferation, what could possibly cause more fire then that? And this kind of fire turns everything into dust instantly.

Mind you, I’m not predicting the end of the world, because I don’t know anymore than others might. But the way things are at this time and the tension that is building up with certain nations (with the instigator in the form of the President of Iran and his not-so-subtle innuendos against the USA and threatening the destruction of  Israel), it isn't that far-fetched an idea.

I also believe that if any one of these nations that do have nuclear weapons even hint at starting something then we can say this is the beginning of the end.