Monday, February 29, 2016

Creepy video about the Pope

I'm not saying this is or isn't true, but it definitely gets you thinking.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Endtime prophecy in videos

Judge for yourself. And once the video is complete there are some interesting links to other videos that come up.  If they don't auto-play, click on some of them for yourself.  Some of these videos will give you chills.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Christians, Muslims and the Bible (part 2)

Now here are a couple of examples why they should have waited until more detail was found in the old days. The Scripture of the Testament was written twice and the second one there is more about Jesus than the first writing of this Scripture. On another post I wrote about this book that I had found that was studied in the Catholic schools in Quebec. This book apparently claims God sent an Angel down to earth to tell this person to go and tell his King to attack a certain city because they were praying to false idols. Yet in one of the 10 commandments it states that thou shalt not kill. Now what are we to believe? That the king would send his soldiers to attack those cities with hugs and kisses?

Now those Muslims are dedicated to their Qur’an as some of us are to our Bibles. Only the radicals play judge and jury by killing and torturing people are not worthy of the same respect as others. For the rest of us, we are all reading different versions of what happened and we should keep that in mind.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Christians, Muslims and the Bible (part 1)

Some people seem to forget that Muslims are people just like we are and they should be treated as such. I am excluding the radicals as they are not Muslims but killers and torturers and poor excuses for humans. Now we all believe that there was only one Creator and that creator we call God. What we have now with so many different religions, or I should say cults instead of religions, has come about as a result of confusion. When all those religious books were written too early on in human history and not enough was known or properly documented to really tell us the truth of what or what went on in the olden days. Did those books actualy record what happened properly? We don't really know.

Now there was only one Creator and he was supposed to be a good God. In some religious books like the Bible and other religious books, they mostly don’t agree on a lot of things. The differences can be seen even from the King James Bible and other versions of the Bible. There are differences in what was written.

God is supposed to be a good God. But at the same time if you read the some versions of the Bible they make Him out to be a torturer by burning people for eternity and apparently not only are they burning forever but being tortured at the same time. Yes I do believe that when people die they should be sinless by asking God for forgiveness if they had time before dying. If not they should have lived according to the 10 commandments that were given to Moses by God.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The USA and Canada

This  post might not seem like it belongs on my Ghost's blog, but hang in there, because it relates to Bible prophecy, which I have posted about many times here.  

I would say that most people of these 2 nations do not like their own country and it has been proven by the way they have voted. In the USA they have elected a person as president that has proven himself to be a con man and an educated fool. The same thing was just done in Canada a couple of months ago. In the USA Democrats and here in Canada the Liberals have destructive policies, if not actual agendas. There are no real differences in their agendas as both of those parties are for the destruction of their country whether it be on purpose or not but because of lack of experience in politics. In my view, in the USA the destruction of that nation is being done on purpose but in Canada it’s a lack of knowledge on how a country should be managed.

In the USA everything that can be done to destroy the USA is being done, including the massive reduction of size of the armed forces that are supposed to be for the protection of the nation.

By the looks of things and reports various discussions on the Internet, that country could be taken over without too many problems, considering the president wants to disarm the citizens of their Constitutional right to weapons. Another thing by doing that, it would make it easier for Marshall Law to be declared as there would not be too many weapons in the hands of the citizens. Also the distribution of military gear to the various police agencies around the country should make people uncomfortable. That is - unless they do not like their own country. Also, what about the president stating that he thinks that he could win the presidency again if he ran for the next election? Constitutionally he is not allowed. If I lied in America that would make me nervous.

If what is Prophesied in the scripture of Revelations by the first of January 2017, what is known now as Sodom and Gomorrah (the USA) will not exist anymore which would foretell the second coming of God and Jesus.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Anti-Christ.

I wrote before about the Anti-Christ. Here are two videos that will tell you who it is. I will let you decide about the truthfulness of it.

And there is this one,

Monday, February 15, 2016


Suicide is one thing I can’t understand why some people would want to do. I realize that this is a really tough world that we live in and at the rate that it’s changing it will get worse. I also realize that someone with a weak mind would not want to live in what this world has become. And I also realize they may have gotten themselves into some trouble either by their own fault or not. Some people will not turn to anyone for help to solve whatever trouble that they got into, so they decide that suicide is the answer.

Well, according to the Bible, if you think that by committing suicide it is going to solve your problem, you had better forget it. According to the Bible you will suffer for your decision for eternity in the afterlife. According to one of the commandments given to Moses by God, it states “Ye shalt not commit murder”. By committing suicide, you are committing murder by killing yourself. The church of God preaches that if you commit murder your soul would be incinerated and never exist again and that is referred to as your second death. So to me that kind of statement means that you are reborn again and I don’t mean in religion but as another human. If you live your life as the 10 commandments say, there is a good chance of getting into Heaven by having those commandments as your guide all your life.

Instead of thinking of suicide, why not take a peek in a Bible and see what they say about suicide? I can guarantee that by reading the Bible you will not get hurt. The only thing that can happen is a person can learn how to live properly and prepare for the afterlife and be entered in the Book of Life apparently that God has for when Judgement Day comes.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Whom to believe

I wrote a post recently about the Pope talking about a 'one world religion' coming. To my concern there shouldn’t be any religion whatsoever. But I do believe that preaching the Gospel would be ideal. That is, so long as whomever would be preaching it would not preach it as a riddle and/or invent things to scare people into having more faith. That's being done now by some preachers or by someone else trying to make you believe that they know what they are talking about. Actually they don’t have a clue or they do not believe in what they are saying.

I would say to save you from the wrath of God all you have to do is believe in Him (the Creator of all things that are not man made) and His Son, Jesus who was tortured and crucified and died on the cross that whosoever would believe in him shall have eternal life. Also live according to God's 10 Commandments that were given to Moses. Live by them. Faith in God and his Son Jesus and living according to the 10 Commandments, a person cannot go wrong. As for confessing your sins, you don’t have to go to another human to confess your sins because if God can hear your prayers then He can hear you acknowledging your sins to Him. If anyone sees you as talking to yourself (actually to God) they will think that there is something wrong with you. But they don’t know that you don’t want to face the Wrath of God when the time comes for you to be judged.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

To be reborn again (Part 2)

Now the church of God they say you don’t feel any pain when your soul is incinerated.  My question would be how would anyone of them know? Did anyone of them have that experience? Or do they have a scroll that says so? According to what I’ve read and the videos that I’ve watched, when people are in Hell they feel everything. And those people are going to try and make me believe that if your soul is incinerated you don’t feel any pain? Especially being incinerated for the biggest sin against one of the Lords commandment that says thou shall not kill? That is why I keep on saying the Bible is written like it was a riddle and not enough has been found about the Bible to give us the real truth. Yes I believe there are a lot in the Bible has been written that is the truth but I think a lot of it has been made up. I could be wrong but there are things in it that are hard to believe.

Monday, February 1, 2016

To be reborn again (Part 1)

The entitled here doesn’t mean to be reborn in Faith again but to be reborn as a human. My thoughts are based on what is preached according to the church of God. The church of God preaches that if you commit murder your soul is incinerated and you do not feel any pain but are never to be reborn again and then if you haven’t committed a murder and haven’t asked for forgiveness for your sins then you are to be in hell for Eternity. 

As I can see even in death you have no peace unless you have lead a Saintly life and believe in Jesus and that He rose from the dead 3 days after being declared dead, and also being the Son of Jesus. Now this doesn’t make any sense to me at all. If you lead your life according to the 10 commandments and believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that he was crucified for our sins and to give us eternal life and we don’t end up in hell that means our soul is left intact and we are reborn into a new life and we don’t get to enter the Kingdom of God.