Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Why is it as a Catholic that to confess your sins you have to go to a confessional? And who is sitting there waiting? It’s a man and he’s called a priest.

Why is it that they keep saying "pray to God, He can hear you"? If that is so, then why can’t you confess your sins to Him directly? I would think that if He can hear your prayers, He can also hear you when you confess to Him, without going through another human being.

Now as a good Catholic Christian, you go into a church to a confessional, to cleanse yourself of the things that offended God, without knowing what kind of priest that is sitting there listening to your jibber jabber. This priest that is waiting there to give you absolution for the sins you have confessed, might have himself done worse things that your admitting to having done. It has proven to be that way in the past by the conduct of some priests. Would this type of priest be in good enough standing with the Lord to forgive you?

It’s this kind of nonsense of contradictory statements, and the conduct of some priests, that drives people away from their faith.

I would simply say just obey the Ten Commandments and you can’t go wrong. In closing I will say the morning you wake up is your day, but tomorrow belongs to the Lord so be prepared just in case He decides that tomorrow is His day and not yours. Just remember the Good Lord said “I will come as a thief in the night.”

That is my rant of the day.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Recycled Humans (Part 2)

Continued from here.

I know there are a lot of things that we misunderstand about the afterlife.  It's because people preaching the Bible, as any human would, are subject to interpreting what is meant  in the Bible their own way. They have their own way of understanding it. Even experts are subject to bias in their interpretations.  So who knows what is the correct understanding of what the Bible means?  By now, probably nobody does.

Here is what I’m thinking though. God more or less invaded the body of the Virgin Mary as a baby to come to earth in the form of a man. Then He was called Jesus. Now God, according to the Bible, is the only one that can kill a soul. But the day has not come to judge everyone yet.  Is it possible that God is responsible returning souls to new bodies? I think that is possible.

So now I’m wondering - could God have sent the soul of someone that has passed away into a pregnant woman to be reborn but as a different gender?  Imagine somehow a mistake was made or more likely it was done deliberately that say the woman's baby was a boy but actually the soul of a female was sent instead of a male.  Could that be the reason that later on, the boy felt uncomfortable being treated as a boy, because he felt that he was a female.  The reverse could also obviously be true as well.

I know God is supposed to be perfect but if that was done on purpose, God must have had a reason to do so. Remember there are a lot of mysteries when it comes to religion and God.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Recycled humans

I really believe that we humans are recycled from a past life. I have a feeling sometimes that when I work on a certain thing, something I have never done before, I somehow know exactly what I’m doing. My work comes out as if I had been doing that certain thing all my life. I also have the feeling that I lived in a blue and white house that was on the side of a hill. Except, I never have - not in this life.

I will also say with confidence that a lot of people do get the feeling that they have lived before but they are too scared to speak up about it for fear of being ridiculed for it. My reasoning derives from what the both the Church of God and Catholics preach. They preach that when a person dies they stay in their grave until Judgment Day. Then, when the Lord is ready to pass judgment the dead shall rise from their grave. The Catholics preaches that when you die and if you have not confessed your sins you go straight to Hell.

Now for those of us that have passed away briefly (like I have), if what Catholics preached was a true fact, some of us would have been incinerated and we would not be here today.

Conversely, what the Church of God preaches is that you stay in your grave until Judgment Day.

But both of these statements by the Catholic church and by the Church of God are wrong. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God judges people as soon as they pass away. Also the soul is not confined to the grave as the Church of God preaches, nor incinerated like the Catholics preached. When a person is deceased that is because the soul has left the body and without sounding heartless, what is left is a carcass with no life in it whatsoever.

The person's soul travels and no one knows where. I have experienced this. I don’t know exactly where mine went but one thing is for sure, when my time comes to leave this rotten world I hope my soul doesn’t go back there.

To be continued.