Monday, November 23, 2015

The scripture Isaiah

This morning I read the scripture Isaiah. I was only going to read from verses 9 to 16 about the end days but I found it to be so interesting that I read most of it.  I will say it’s a long read. Previously I had read all of the book of Revelation. That is where you will find reference about the new Sodom and Gomorrah and how it will be destroy and what will be used to destroy it. 

There’s a description of who or what is going to inhabit this desolate land of Sodom and Gomorrah after the destruction of it.  There are descriptions from Isaiah and Revelation that differ about who the inhabitants will be. From what I read people building bunkers will not save themselves when the end of the world happens as the earth is going to shake so much that any bunker will be shaken apart. This bunker idea might be good against an E.M.P. attack but against the end of days it will not do any good against what it says in Isaiah about the shaking of the earth. I’m not a Bible thumper but I am sure that if you’re one of the ones that hasn’t lived according to the 10 commandments, it will not do you any good in trying to hide as God will get you. So there's another reason a bunker won't be of any use.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Pope is not very religious

The Vatican is supposed to have a person to represent God and this person is called the Pope. He is supposed to represent God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Here is why I say this. Remember when the Pope said “that having a relationship with Jesus is dangerous?” To me it sounds like He means for us to ignore Jesus. Now I’m asking myself is this supposed to be a Pope to represent God or is this man a sicko who has a different agenda than what the Pope is supposed to do? By ignoring Jesus you are ignoring God as Jesus himself said. “My Father and I are but one”. Now I would say by the kind of statement that He’s more or less calling Jesus a liar.

Friday, November 13, 2015


I am old enough to remember when the first UFO appeared. Some people were saying that must be the army conducting a test on a new weapon. Well they were proven to be wrong. Where those UFOs come from no one seems to be able to answer that question. NASA with their snooping in the heavens couldn’t even say were they come from.

I wrote about them before and I remember saying that no human being could pilot one of those lights in the sky because of how quickly and sharply they can change directions. With the sudden turn the human body would not be able to withstand the G forces. I would say the pilots of those things are not human but some kind of living creatures of high intelligence. So I came to the conclusion that they are some kind of spirits created by God and that would be his army for the end of times. Since all of this talk about the end of times has been increasing in recent years, it seems that more and more sighting of UFOs have also been reported. The destroying of the new Sodom & Gomorrah would be destroyed by fire from the air some Biblical interpretations claim. That tells me that those UFOS’ are God's army being prepared for the end of days.

Those UFOs appear to come from nowhere and no one can say or even imagine where they come from.

That’s why I say they are of high intelligence to build those ships that they travel in and to come and go as they please. Those things seem to be able to show themselves when they desire to do so. I stated before that I’m not too much of a religious person but have enough faith to believe that a super Deity which we call God was able to create all the things that were not created by man. So there’s no reason why He shouldn’t have an army that is invisible and show that army when the need arises to destroy some humans that would not listen to His way of living and to follow his directions on how to conduct ourselves in this world as good people and not be evil.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Does God exist or not?

While surfing the internet this morning I opened this site, and I was surprised to read about how many people believed that God existed but have changed their mind. Do those people think that because they can’t see him that He doesn’t and never did exist? I wonder if they ever thought how we and everything that wasn’t man made came to be. Just because He doesn’t show Himself doesn’t mean that He doesn’t exist. How many people have prayed to Him about healing this one or that one and their prayers were answered? Almost every day you hear that somewhere someone was healed because of prayers to God. How many people say prayers to heal either themselves or someone else? Because He can’t be seen and prayers are answered that should prove something. No?

Another thing - a lot of people believe in the devil who is all for evil but to believe in a Deity that’s only for good it’s unbelievable is that it? I really don't get that.

Some people believe so much in the devil who is called Lucifer that they even have churches for him. Those churches should be called not churches but hell houses to my concern. Only God has churches.

All I can say to this is when the end of times happens I believe that a lot of unbelievers’ will have a big surprise but by then it will be too late for redemption. I mentioned before that I’m not too much of a religious person but to have faith in Jesus and his Father God I believe and have faith that they do exist even though they can’t be seen and I also have faith that at the end of times you unbelievers will see what you think doesn’t exist.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Man has created images of almost every saint they could think of, including some statues of God and also of the Son of God - Jesus. Now somewhere in the Bible I don’t quite remember but didn’t “God say thou shall not create any image of me” and yet you will see many painted images of God. Now we can definitely say that those are fakes because God is a spirit and can’t be seen. How can those painting of Him be genuine? How about the pictures of all the disciples at the last supper how can those be genuine? Did they have cameras in those days? I don’t think so. Same is true for Jesus - the pictures about Him are fakes. I think whomever has painted those pictures must have quite an imagination as well those who created all those statues. Even though Jesus is supposed to have said “My Father and I are but one.” it doesn’t imply that how Jesus supposedly looked means that God looks like Him. Their connection is a spiritual one, not necessarily a physical resemblance.

That all those pictures and statues are imaginative fakes is much the same as the lies that are told to the people in order for them to have more faith in their belief. Now this is a question that maybe I shouldn’t ask, but could this be the reason why the Islamists say that Christians pray to false Idols? In that sense I would say they are right on in that belief. Of course they could just be referring to the saints. I would say you can pray to God or Jesus but kneeling in front of any statues or pictures is praying to a false idol except kneeling at a cross it reminds us that Jesus was crucified and whomever believeth in him shall have eternal life.

That’s my little rant of the day.