Saturday, May 30, 2015

True fact (Part 2)

The man that used to live in this apartment with his wife came up one day just to meet me and talk. In the conversation that we had, I asked him why he had moved to another apartment and he answered that it was because of the toilet and the noise in the kitchen and that his wife was scared to go in there. I then asked him if he knew the people that lived here before and he said know but the woman that lived here had the kitchen full of pictures of religious things. I will say one thing for sure (and there are witnesses to this) my big dog would never go in the kitchen because she seems to have been scared of something that we could not see. Unless we were in the kitchen she would not come in and sometimes we tried to get her to come in but she wouldn’t - just once in a while she would.

I mentioned before that I’m not too much of a religious person but I was tired of listening to that noise every night and it always sounded like a dog walking and his claws scratching the floor. I was sure it wasn’t my dogs because both of them were sleeping. I decided to try something. I went in the kitchen and this is what I said. “If there’s an evil Spirit in here in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be gone” I never heard any more noise since then.

Usually my dog is always by me at the computer and today I couldn’t see her in this room but I went in the kitchen and she was lying down by the kitchen table snoring. To my belief I think that the lady that was living here was overdoing it with her belief and the evil Spirit decided to come in. This is the honest truth and I was surprise at myself for saying that and that reinforced my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ after saying what those words had accomplished.

Friday, May 29, 2015

True fact (Part 1)

What I’m going to write is hard to believe, but it's true. It's about what was happening in this apartment and what I did to make it go away. Last October, after living in house that I rented for 18 years, I had to move out because it was going to be demolished and replaced with a duplex. I finally found another place. This time it was in an apartment building which I don’t like because of some inconsiderate people who live in the building. They don’t consider other people that also live there so they continue their racket as if they were in a private house. The people that used to live in this apartment had moved into another one in this same building.

Ever since I moved in here, up to a couple of days ago every night there was always some noise in the kitchen. Once I was in bed and sometimes when I was sitting at the computer at night and I would get up and go and see, thinking that my son might be in there but there was no one that I could see and my son was in his bedroom and my dogs would always be near me so I was sure it wasn’t either one of them.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Revisiting hell on Earth

A while ago I wrote a post as to where I thought hell was. Since I didn’t have any proof to back up my thoughts, I kept on searching for some kind of proof to back me up and I believe I found it this morning. This morning while surfing the internet I came upon this site that has Bible studies on line. I was interested in the scriptures and I figured that if there was something to back up my thoughts in regards to hell that would be the place where I could get it.

I opened up Revelations 12 and sure enough I found what I was looking for. If anyone is interested, read revelation 12:1-12:17; it’s only a short one and I believe that I was right in believing that hell was here on earth, but deep down in this planet. If you read this scripture you might come to the same conclusion that I did. According to that scripture a war broke out in the Kingdom of God and that is when Satan and his angels where hurled to Earth.

Have a good day and may God bless you all.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Here we go again about Jesus (Part 2)

This is continued from here.

I’m not to much of a religious person myself, but to me Jesus was a real person in the body of the Virgin Mary. God, the Creator of all things made it happen. God being invisible to humanity, could not go around and preach all the good and bad things that are in the Bible so He created Jesus to spread the Word. When Jesus was born, God took that body for his own use so he could go around and preach. And how much death did He cause because of his teachings? How many kids were slaughtered because of the word a new king is born?

Then when enough death was attributed to His teachings, He gave up the body that was Jesus and let them crucified. They killed him and they pierced his heart to make sure that He was dead. God revived Jesus and to my way of thinking Jesus is still in the body that He was born in and God is still in that body. Jesus has said so Himself “My Father and I are but one.” Go to my post about this Muslim that met Jesus when he (the Muslim fellow) died briefly. You will also see more people that died briefly and came back to life and what some of them has seen when their spirit went on a trip to hell and back. There is one story about a little boy that died briefly and came back but it was a lie fabricated by the boy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

America as Babylon

America is not referred to in the Bible as America but as Babylon and that’s why the title of this post is what it is. I read the scripture of Revelation and the way Babylon is described it can’t be any other nation than America. Then I read part of Isaiah and it more or less gives an identity as the revelations in referring to America.

With everything that is happening in the USA - people giving up on their faith, refusing to acknowledge that there is a God, and some can’t even stomach being in a place or walking by a place where there is something that represents any kind of religious belief. Even in some schools students are prevented from mentioning anything about religious belief because it might offend some one. Even homosexuality is accepted.

In the scriptures it refers to 2 people but they don’t mention who they are they are referred one to the South and one from the North. From what I’ve been reading of everything that has been going on, I will put a name to these self-appointed kings. To the South - Obama and to the North - Putin. Both of them will be responsible for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and when that happens that will be the end of this world . Just read the scriptures and you will see why I’m saying this and why America is called Babylon. I could write more on that but I won’t. I will simply say that the 10 commandments do not seem to exist to most people in the USA. This kind of non-belief has been going on from what I’ve been seeing, since 2011. Of course there was some before but not nearly as much as there is now.

May God bless everyone and have a good day.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Here we go again about Jesus. [Part 1]

I happened to open this site this morning  This is not the first time I had seen something like this in reference to Jesus. What they are asking is whether Jesus was a real messiah or just some kind of a con man? Now this is asked by a group that is supposed to be religious (apparently). If this group is supposed to be religious and they ask that kind of question, I’m wondering how deep their faith is. That kind of question puts more doubt in some people who have their faith already in "believe it or not" mode.

I would say that you need do your investigation full tilt before you ask that kind of question. There’s enough going on with some people of the cloth that are supposed to have a deep faith - some of them have created scandals, some tell all kinds of lies to scare people into believing what they believe in. With everything that goes on and gets said, it's no wonder people are losing faith. This type of question is no help. And it's no wonder that atheists used to be a minority but now have become the majority. It’s because of this kind of question and the conduct of some people of the cloth.