Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why worry?

Why worry? What was prophesied as to what could happen from anytime between now and the first of January 2017, according to the scripture Isaiah, is scary. One of revolution in particular is frightening as the USA will be destroyed at least by the first of January 2017. Some of the prophecies that were prophesied in 2013 happened in 2014. So I don’t see any reasons why the ones prophesied according to the Bible should not happen. When it does happen, a lot of people are in for a surprise especially the unbelievers and there will be no place to hide from it. Building a bunker or a hole in the ground like a rat will not escape the wrath of God. Building a bunker or a hole in the ground might be good for a weapon like the Russian supposedly possess. But the second coming of Jesus is a different thing. God will destroy the new Sodom and Gomorrah and burn it to the ground.

That’s why I say why worry about who the next president is going to be, because according to what I’ve read Obama will not get to finish his second term. His term could be terminated at anytime. If what was prophesied happens in the time frame predicted, there will be no need for a president as the USA will not exist as it is now.

Monday, December 14, 2015


To my concern religions,and also the way the Bible was written, are the cause of a lot of trouble in this world. The way the Bible was written is like a riddle and you either learn how to read in between the lines or there is no understanding what is meant by written.

Most people can read a paragraph that others have also read and have their own way of interpreting what it means that is different from others who have read the same thing. I wrote before about the Bible and why I believed it was written in that way - because some of the words could not be exactly translated from the language that it was written originally. So a word here and there were replaced with similar but not exact words. That could have changed the whole meaning of the sentence or paragraph.

That is why I say religions are the cause of a lot of trouble in this world. Misinterpretation. And people took it upon themselves to add different religions from early religions (Judaism, Christianity, Hindu, Bhuddism etc.) Even Islam came quite a bit later. And not only have men came out with new religions, but also new rules as to how to pray to God. The results of all this mess would tend to make some certain people think there was more than one God. I would say forget all this bull about religion and just believe that there was only one Creator (of all that wasn’t man made) and live by the 10 commandments as those can’t be wrong as they are straight forward and can’t be mistaken to mean something else from what is written.

I would say believe in one God the only Creator and asked for forgiveness for your sins and to my way of thinking you don’t have to go to a church to confess your sins to a man that might not be in good standing with Gods’ way of living his life. I would say if God can read your mind then you can confess your sins to him directly without going to person that might conduct his life worse then you do yours.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The scripture Isaiah

This morning I read the scripture Isaiah. I was only going to read from verses 9 to 16 about the end days but I found it to be so interesting that I read most of it.  I will say it’s a long read. Previously I had read all of the book of Revelation. That is where you will find reference about the new Sodom and Gomorrah and how it will be destroy and what will be used to destroy it. 

There’s a description of who or what is going to inhabit this desolate land of Sodom and Gomorrah after the destruction of it.  There are descriptions from Isaiah and Revelation that differ about who the inhabitants will be. From what I read people building bunkers will not save themselves when the end of the world happens as the earth is going to shake so much that any bunker will be shaken apart. This bunker idea might be good against an E.M.P. attack but against the end of days it will not do any good against what it says in Isaiah about the shaking of the earth. I’m not a Bible thumper but I am sure that if you’re one of the ones that hasn’t lived according to the 10 commandments, it will not do you any good in trying to hide as God will get you. So there's another reason a bunker won't be of any use.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Pope is not very religious

The Vatican is supposed to have a person to represent God and this person is called the Pope. He is supposed to represent God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Here is why I say this. Remember when the Pope said “that having a relationship with Jesus is dangerous?” To me it sounds like He means for us to ignore Jesus. Now I’m asking myself is this supposed to be a Pope to represent God or is this man a sicko who has a different agenda than what the Pope is supposed to do? By ignoring Jesus you are ignoring God as Jesus himself said. “My Father and I are but one”. Now I would say by the kind of statement that He’s more or less calling Jesus a liar.

Friday, November 13, 2015


I am old enough to remember when the first UFO appeared. Some people were saying that must be the army conducting a test on a new weapon. Well they were proven to be wrong. Where those UFOs come from no one seems to be able to answer that question. NASA with their snooping in the heavens couldn’t even say were they come from.

I wrote about them before and I remember saying that no human being could pilot one of those lights in the sky because of how quickly and sharply they can change directions. With the sudden turn the human body would not be able to withstand the G forces. I would say the pilots of those things are not human but some kind of living creatures of high intelligence. So I came to the conclusion that they are some kind of spirits created by God and that would be his army for the end of times. Since all of this talk about the end of times has been increasing in recent years, it seems that more and more sighting of UFOs have also been reported. The destroying of the new Sodom & Gomorrah would be destroyed by fire from the air some Biblical interpretations claim. That tells me that those UFOS’ are God's army being prepared for the end of days.

Those UFOs appear to come from nowhere and no one can say or even imagine where they come from.

That’s why I say they are of high intelligence to build those ships that they travel in and to come and go as they please. Those things seem to be able to show themselves when they desire to do so. I stated before that I’m not too much of a religious person but have enough faith to believe that a super Deity which we call God was able to create all the things that were not created by man. So there’s no reason why He shouldn’t have an army that is invisible and show that army when the need arises to destroy some humans that would not listen to His way of living and to follow his directions on how to conduct ourselves in this world as good people and not be evil.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Does God exist or not?

While surfing the internet this morning I opened this site, and I was surprised to read about how many people believed that God existed but have changed their mind. Do those people think that because they can’t see him that He doesn’t and never did exist? I wonder if they ever thought how we and everything that wasn’t man made came to be. Just because He doesn’t show Himself doesn’t mean that He doesn’t exist. How many people have prayed to Him about healing this one or that one and their prayers were answered? Almost every day you hear that somewhere someone was healed because of prayers to God. How many people say prayers to heal either themselves or someone else? Because He can’t be seen and prayers are answered that should prove something. No?

Another thing - a lot of people believe in the devil who is all for evil but to believe in a Deity that’s only for good it’s unbelievable is that it? I really don't get that.

Some people believe so much in the devil who is called Lucifer that they even have churches for him. Those churches should be called not churches but hell houses to my concern. Only God has churches.

All I can say to this is when the end of times happens I believe that a lot of unbelievers’ will have a big surprise but by then it will be too late for redemption. I mentioned before that I’m not too much of a religious person but to have faith in Jesus and his Father God I believe and have faith that they do exist even though they can’t be seen and I also have faith that at the end of times you unbelievers will see what you think doesn’t exist.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Man has created images of almost every saint they could think of, including some statues of God and also of the Son of God - Jesus. Now somewhere in the Bible I don’t quite remember but didn’t “God say thou shall not create any image of me” and yet you will see many painted images of God. Now we can definitely say that those are fakes because God is a spirit and can’t be seen. How can those painting of Him be genuine? How about the pictures of all the disciples at the last supper how can those be genuine? Did they have cameras in those days? I don’t think so. Same is true for Jesus - the pictures about Him are fakes. I think whomever has painted those pictures must have quite an imagination as well those who created all those statues. Even though Jesus is supposed to have said “My Father and I are but one.” it doesn’t imply that how Jesus supposedly looked means that God looks like Him. Their connection is a spiritual one, not necessarily a physical resemblance.

That all those pictures and statues are imaginative fakes is much the same as the lies that are told to the people in order for them to have more faith in their belief. Now this is a question that maybe I shouldn’t ask, but could this be the reason why the Islamists say that Christians pray to false Idols? In that sense I would say they are right on in that belief. Of course they could just be referring to the saints. I would say you can pray to God or Jesus but kneeling in front of any statues or pictures is praying to a false idol except kneeling at a cross it reminds us that Jesus was crucified and whomever believeth in him shall have eternal life.

That’s my little rant of the day.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Unbelievable (Part 2)

[Continued from previous post]

When people deny that there is a true God that means that Satan has taken hold of the people. I hope that God decides to show Satan that He is the true God by destroying what has become the Sodom and Gomorrah of this generation. I saw a video (I don't have a link handy) claiming that the devil's orders are given to a couple in England and from there, passed on to the elites of the world.

I had the video of the ones responsible for passing on those orders from the devil but it has been taken off of Youtube. Like I mentioned before, I’m not too much of a religious person but I’m sure that everything that we see like forests, lakes, oceans, the stars, the sun and moon did not always exist. Even humans had to have a start somewhere and I’m sure it wasn’t anyone like Obama, the devil or Pope Francis that created all those things. I don’t attend any church but I am a firm believer in God and His son Jesus.

That's all.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Unbelievable (Part 1)

I believe in the nation of the USA a lot of people are sick. I was watching a video tonight about some people praying to Obama as if he was the Messiahs. Why?

I can honestly say that this man is not a Messiah, but rather if anything, he's an angel of death sent by Satan. The same goes for Pope Francis who instead of acting like a Pope and reinforcing God's word, has decided to re-interpret them in a - let's call it - much more permissive way.

Getting back to Obama, on a video I was watching, they even showed a picture of a little girl praying to Obama to save her. Obama is nothing but a con man and a want-to-be-communist who wants to become the ruler of the world. Then I watched another video where this African American person was walking around his room and saying that Obama was the savior. Well I read about the whore of Babylon and how its supposed to be destroyed. I've been wondering if that really means America. I hope it happens soon because this world is getting more and more depraved and depressing every day. It's especially evident when you have some stupid people that would believe that a con man deserves to be prayed to but not God. In fact the USA used to be a God fearing nation but now it has turned into a devil loving nation by the looks and sounds of it.

Stay tuned for part 2, which I have not yet written, but it's coming.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This is one sick Pope

I don't know, maybe I should call this Pope "Pipe Francis" instead because he sure seems like he's been smoking something.

To my mind, what the Pope mentions in this video sounds like he is more or less calling the Lord Jesus Christ a liar. The Lord Jesus Christ stated that my Father and I are but one so by denying Jesus we are denying God. This is not a Pope - to me it sounds like he would be an Anti-Christ instead of being a person to represent God. I would say more but I would rather you check out the video for yourselves.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Losing Faith

Why are so many people losing their faith?  This Youtube channel has many video explaining their belief as to the reason.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Crazy conspiracy theory or scary truth.

Everyone will have their own conclusion on this video - whether to believe it, or some of it, or see it as crazy conspiracy theory.  But I will guarantee you it's interesting to watch.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Father or Fathers?

Here is a word that seems to me is being used improperly. We call our dad 'father' most of the time but actually he should be called dad. Whenever anyone talks to a priest he is referred to as 'father'. Well all I have to say on this subject is that neither should be called father. Even the Pope is not entitled to be called father but rather 'his Excellency'. We only have one Father and that is the Creator, our Heavenly Father whom we call God. Anyone else doesn’t deserve to be call father.

This also brings me to the topic of religions. To my knowledge there were only 4 prophets who started our major religions therefore there should only be 4 religions. Now we have all kinds of religions and all kinds of cults. Not only that but we also have more than one God whom whom people believe in. And every one of those false religions and cults all have their way of praying to their particular God. I don’t think that there is one human in this world that can tell me exactly what the true religion is.

I blame all this mix up not only on man but the way the Bible was written. Like I mentioned before the Bible was re-written in different languages and some words that could not be translated a word was used that could have changed the meaning of the phrase or the whole paragraph. Now that is why two people can read the same paragraph and come to a different conclusion on its meaning. With all this misunderstanding of the way the Bible was written, to me was the results of all those religions and cults and more than one God.

I believe the only Bible that seems to be different than the others is the Bible called the King James Version. One thing we can be sure of the true God the creator is for good and the one called Lucifer is for evil. I have faith in God the Creator and Jesus the son of God. I would say just have faith and do as the Ten Commandments say and your afterlife should be a happy one. May God bless you.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Recently I went back and looked at some of my old posts.  I noticed that a number of posts where I embedded Youtube videos, the videos were no longer available.  Sometimes it was because of third party copyright issues, other times there was no reason given.  But it is far too common that I've embedded videos to be able to go back and correct every single post where that's an issue.

Instead, I'll occasionally post the following reminder - some posts have videos that have been deleted.  I apologize that some posts will not make as much sense as if the videos were available, but I am unable to correct every instance of these occurrences.  Please bear with those particular posts.



Monday, October 12, 2015


I entitled this post 'deceived' and what I mean is deceived by one's thoughts. Some people will ask 'what is this guy is talking about'? According to the Bible, if you haven’t lived your life according to the Ten Commandments then you haven’t lived by the word of God and therefore you are a sinner. And if you haven’t asked the Lord for forgiveness before dying then there is one place for you to go and that is hell, when you leave this God forsaken world.

Some people have so many problems in this world that they don’t know what to do so they think about suicide. Their thoughts are that by committing suicide they will leave this world for a better world but they are deceived by their thoughts because there is a commandment that states “Thou shall not commit murder”. Well, by committing suicide you are committing a murder and that is the murder of oneself. According to the Bible, that is an unforgivable sin which is punishable by a second death as your soul is incinerated never to exist again. To think that dying to go to a better life is folly - you better start thinking again. I would safely say that a person that doesn’t commit some kind of a sin during even one day then that person is an Angel of God and shouldn’t be in this world of sinners. That means if you die in your sleep and haven’t asked for forgiveness forget your better world.

Like I mentioned before I am not too much of a religious person but no one can go wrong by living according to the commandments as they are straightforward and you don’t have to be a very religious person to live by them.

That’s my rant of the day.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Friday, October 9, 2015

Marshall Law?

What I have noticed by watching this video is that it’s exactly what I was thinking of by watching what Obama has been doing by his conduct.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

God’s creations.

Most of us were taught that God created everything that wasn’t made by man. Now what interests me? Would He have created some planets that to our knowledge have no life on them at all and if so what would the purpose be for them to be there? He must have had something in mind to create them of which I don’t believe that they were created just for the fact of having them there.

There must be some kind of life on one of those planets at least. Just the fact that there are so many UFOS’ seen by people seems to substantiate that. I’m sure that the ships that they would travel here in are not made out of cardboard boxes. At the speed they travel those ships must be made of something really strong and fire proof. Now those things are built by some living thing of high intelligence. Would it be some kind of human of high intelligence or something that would look way different than humans? Now they must have to land when they arrive here, and whatever pilots those ships must stay and land somewhere. Just that alone tells me that we are not alone in this universe or even on this planet we call Earth. There are some kind of life on another planets somewhere other than this God forsaken rotten world. While I’m at it, was there something seen on the moon when the USA landed a man on the moon. They have never went back since then? Why not?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Last of the 4th blood-moon of the year

Yesterday I mentioned some false predictions.  If you weren't aware of the predictions concerning September 2015, here's an example. This blood moon that we saw in September was the last of the 4 blood moons this year and it supposedly indicated the end of this world and the start of Armageddon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

False predictions

What had been predicted for the month of September by many - asteroids, floods, Biblical apocalypse etc. - never happened. But I’m sure knowing some people's wild imaginations they will make up some kind of story that they have seen this or that during the eclipse of the Moon in late September. They'll start saying "I've never seen such a thing in my life", "It was ugly" and they'll start to describe what they had conjure up in their wild imagination.

I suspect that we will have some terrible things to read about of what they believed what they had seen during that eclipse. I can hardly wait to read about what they had seen or even heard.

That is my short rant of the day.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The end of America?

A warning about the end of America.

I don't know if it's real/possible, but it is frightening if it's true.

Friday, October 2, 2015

A message from God?

This one is interesting it even mentions the Fema camps. This reminded me of all the guillotines that Obama ordered.

It also refers to alien attacks, and this is apparently from the Bible. You have to listen to all the video and it tells you where to find it in the Bible and who predicted it. Take a look.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Project Prophecy

By going to this site you can see a prophecy about the future of America. I watched the video on this site and instead of me explaining it or trying to write about it, I would rather readers go to the site and listen to the video for themselves. Draw your own conclusions but this is very scary.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Belief in the supernatural

This morning sitting in front of my window and watching the people walking by, I began to think of what each one would be thinking. I see some are walking with a smile on their face as if they just thought of some joke that they heard somewhere, others looked grouchy and some were without any expression whatsoever. Then I began to wonder about how many of them believe in the supernatural and how many of those would admit that they do (or don't).

What I find weird is that some people don’t believe in the supernatural yet they go to church and pray. If a person doesn’t believe in the supernatural how can they believe that there is a God? I know some people would say that’s different but I say that it’s not different. If you’re telling me that you don’t believe in the supernatural that tells me that you don’t believe in what you can’t see. So how can you believe that there is a God? Can you see God? Your answer should be no. Then when you pray, to whom do you pray if you can’t see Him, because you don’t believe in the supernatural? There's a gap in your logic somewhere.

Monday, August 10, 2015

No sense in hiding.

Some people seem to think that when the time comes for the new Sod′om and Go·mor′rah (America) to fall that they will be able to hide with a new spot dug into the ground. That makes no sense to me because no one can hide from God and if you are one of the ones that God wants to punish for not being faithful He will get you and whether it be the Pope or Obama or someone else who turns out to be the anti-Christ, no one will escape the Wrath of God.

When the time has come for the destruction of Sod′om and Go·mor′rah, it will be too late for Redemption. Sinners will pay for their unfaithful life and being unbelievers in the existence of God and His Son Jesus Christ who was crucified for our sins. His directive to lead a faithful life was given to us by the ten commandments that He gave to Moses.

That’s my short rant of the day.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A big secret. LOL

The church and the U.S. government are engaged in a massive cover up. Do you know what the big secret is? If you’re interested just go to this site. There is also a video and it shows Barack Obama and what looks like a person of the cloth. To me it looks like the Pope. They want to keep it a secret and yet it’s all over the internet. HEY, WHAT A BIG SECRET.

I actually don’t care who this guy is that’s with Obama, but since he seems to be a man of the cloth and a man that is supposed to preach the word of God, isn't he supposed to minister the truth? Now the church may not believe it, but there's a lot of chatter on the internet about what’s supposed to happen in Sept 2015 or by Jan.2016. If this is not a joke, isn’t the job of a man of the cloth supposed to try and get people to repent for their sins? According to the Bible, it was prophesied that Armageddon will happen and I believe that it could. Now if it is the Pope, why should he have a meeting with Obama in September? Or does Obama have a place especially made and the Pope will be with him instead of trying to get people to go back to their faith before this whatever is supposed to happen, happens? That would be his duty as a man of the cloth wouldn't it? If he doesn’t do that then he is a phony. Only time will tell. Like I've mentioned before, I’m not too much of a religious person. But from what I read in the scriptures about what is going to happen, about some of the things that were prophesied in the old Biblical days which came true in the last century, there is no reason in this world not to believe the balance of what is supposed to come soon.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What is revenge?

The other day I read a message on Facebook that someone had posted. What the post was about was less relevant than the responses that followed (not to be arrogant, I mean relevant to the topic of this post). I posted an answer to it. I wrote that God will take revenge for the sins that you haven’t confessed and asking forgiveness for them before dying is a good idea. The person wrote back that God was not vengeful. So I then answered back if God is not vengeful why does it say in the Bible that if you die and haven’t confessed your sins before dying then you will go to hell and burn for eternity? To me that would be revengeful of him for that person not listening to His words.

If that isn’t vengeful then what is it? If one of the kids ask you if he/she can go out and you say no because last night you did not come in at the time I told you (you didn’t listen to me), you are punishing that kid and you taking revenge for that kid not listening to you. That doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. It’s just that you want your kid to obey you. This is the same as the Ten Commandments in the Bible; if you defy any of those commandments then you are disobeying the Word of God. Therefore the punishment would be to burn in hell for all eternity.

Now this burning in hell for all eternity in a way doesn’t make too much sense to me for one reason. What if, on a winter morning bright and early you walk out to go to work and the sidewalk is icy and you fall? Now your upset and you say "Christ, why don’t they salt these sidewalks?" You're upset and using Christ’s name in vain. Then what if you walk out onto the street and get run over by a car and killed instantly? Does that mean you go to hell and burn for all eternity for having used Christ’s name in vain on the spurt of the moment?

Sunday, July 5, 2015

An interesting case for the End of Days

There's too much here to try to comment on or even describe in short form.  But this site makes an interesting case about the End of Days.  Take a read, and if you have some thoughts on it, I'd love to read them in the comments section below.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


I have read some Biblical scriptures and in those scriptures, America was never mentioned by name but referred to as a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah from the old Biblical days. The reason I have taken an interest in reading the scriptures is because of a picture of Obama and someone (a priest or a Cardinal of some kind) and whatever they had discussed, it was kept a secret. By reading even just the scriptures of Revelation and applying reason to what I was reading , I soon discovered what it was all about. In the old Biblical days there was 4 people who prophesied what would happen in the future and so far a couple of things were prophesied in those days have came true in the last century. Read the scriptures and you will find out for yourself.

Now if America is compared to Sodom and Gomorrah what would happen to it in the end days? Specifically, in America what would happen to approx 300 Million Americans? If this was to happen, Mr. self-appointed king of the south (Obama) do you think that your sense of diplomacy could deter the self-appointed king of the north to change his mind about what his intentions would be? Or would you just leave the country?

There isn’t too much news that I don’t see as I am retired and with nothing to do I’m on the internet almost 24 hours a day and a lot of times I see news or videos that pop up and after reading them I store them in my book marks. At times some of those videos are deleted from the internet because of what I see and listen I know they won’t be up for long.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

True fact (Part 2)

The man that used to live in this apartment with his wife came up one day just to meet me and talk. In the conversation that we had, I asked him why he had moved to another apartment and he answered that it was because of the toilet and the noise in the kitchen and that his wife was scared to go in there. I then asked him if he knew the people that lived here before and he said know but the woman that lived here had the kitchen full of pictures of religious things. I will say one thing for sure (and there are witnesses to this) my big dog would never go in the kitchen because she seems to have been scared of something that we could not see. Unless we were in the kitchen she would not come in and sometimes we tried to get her to come in but she wouldn’t - just once in a while she would.

I mentioned before that I’m not too much of a religious person but I was tired of listening to that noise every night and it always sounded like a dog walking and his claws scratching the floor. I was sure it wasn’t my dogs because both of them were sleeping. I decided to try something. I went in the kitchen and this is what I said. “If there’s an evil Spirit in here in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be gone” I never heard any more noise since then.

Usually my dog is always by me at the computer and today I couldn’t see her in this room but I went in the kitchen and she was lying down by the kitchen table snoring. To my belief I think that the lady that was living here was overdoing it with her belief and the evil Spirit decided to come in. This is the honest truth and I was surprise at myself for saying that and that reinforced my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ after saying what those words had accomplished.

Friday, May 29, 2015

True fact (Part 1)

What I’m going to write is hard to believe, but it's true. It's about what was happening in this apartment and what I did to make it go away. Last October, after living in house that I rented for 18 years, I had to move out because it was going to be demolished and replaced with a duplex. I finally found another place. This time it was in an apartment building which I don’t like because of some inconsiderate people who live in the building. They don’t consider other people that also live there so they continue their racket as if they were in a private house. The people that used to live in this apartment had moved into another one in this same building.

Ever since I moved in here, up to a couple of days ago every night there was always some noise in the kitchen. Once I was in bed and sometimes when I was sitting at the computer at night and I would get up and go and see, thinking that my son might be in there but there was no one that I could see and my son was in his bedroom and my dogs would always be near me so I was sure it wasn’t either one of them.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Revisiting hell on Earth

A while ago I wrote a post as to where I thought hell was. Since I didn’t have any proof to back up my thoughts, I kept on searching for some kind of proof to back me up and I believe I found it this morning. This morning while surfing the internet I came upon this site that has Bible studies on line. I was interested in the scriptures and I figured that if there was something to back up my thoughts in regards to hell that would be the place where I could get it.

I opened up Revelations 12 and sure enough I found what I was looking for. If anyone is interested, read revelation 12:1-12:17; it’s only a short one and I believe that I was right in believing that hell was here on earth, but deep down in this planet. If you read this scripture you might come to the same conclusion that I did. According to that scripture a war broke out in the Kingdom of God and that is when Satan and his angels where hurled to Earth.

Have a good day and may God bless you all.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Here we go again about Jesus (Part 2)

This is continued from here.

I’m not to much of a religious person myself, but to me Jesus was a real person in the body of the Virgin Mary. God, the Creator of all things made it happen. God being invisible to humanity, could not go around and preach all the good and bad things that are in the Bible so He created Jesus to spread the Word. When Jesus was born, God took that body for his own use so he could go around and preach. And how much death did He cause because of his teachings? How many kids were slaughtered because of the word a new king is born?

Then when enough death was attributed to His teachings, He gave up the body that was Jesus and let them crucified. They killed him and they pierced his heart to make sure that He was dead. God revived Jesus and to my way of thinking Jesus is still in the body that He was born in and God is still in that body. Jesus has said so Himself “My Father and I are but one.” Go to my post about this Muslim that met Jesus when he (the Muslim fellow) died briefly. You will also see more people that died briefly and came back to life and what some of them has seen when their spirit went on a trip to hell and back. There is one story about a little boy that died briefly and came back but it was a lie fabricated by the boy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

America as Babylon

America is not referred to in the Bible as America but as Babylon and that’s why the title of this post is what it is. I read the scripture of Revelation and the way Babylon is described it can’t be any other nation than America. Then I read part of Isaiah and it more or less gives an identity as the revelations in referring to America.

With everything that is happening in the USA - people giving up on their faith, refusing to acknowledge that there is a God, and some can’t even stomach being in a place or walking by a place where there is something that represents any kind of religious belief. Even in some schools students are prevented from mentioning anything about religious belief because it might offend some one. Even homosexuality is accepted.

In the scriptures it refers to 2 people but they don’t mention who they are they are referred one to the South and one from the North. From what I’ve been reading of everything that has been going on, I will put a name to these self-appointed kings. To the South - Obama and to the North - Putin. Both of them will be responsible for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and when that happens that will be the end of this world . Just read the scriptures and you will see why I’m saying this and why America is called Babylon. I could write more on that but I won’t. I will simply say that the 10 commandments do not seem to exist to most people in the USA. This kind of non-belief has been going on from what I’ve been seeing, since 2011. Of course there was some before but not nearly as much as there is now.

May God bless everyone and have a good day.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Here we go again about Jesus. [Part 1]

I happened to open this site this morning  This is not the first time I had seen something like this in reference to Jesus. What they are asking is whether Jesus was a real messiah or just some kind of a con man? Now this is asked by a group that is supposed to be religious (apparently). If this group is supposed to be religious and they ask that kind of question, I’m wondering how deep their faith is. That kind of question puts more doubt in some people who have their faith already in "believe it or not" mode.

I would say that you need do your investigation full tilt before you ask that kind of question. There’s enough going on with some people of the cloth that are supposed to have a deep faith - some of them have created scandals, some tell all kinds of lies to scare people into believing what they believe in. With everything that goes on and gets said, it's no wonder people are losing faith. This type of question is no help. And it's no wonder that atheists used to be a minority but now have become the majority. It’s because of this kind of question and the conduct of some people of the cloth.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Revisiting a post - where is Hell?

I was trying to find something that would give credence to my statement as to where hell is. I figured if I was to find something of the kind ,I would have to go to the scriptures of Revelation. After reading from Revelation 1 up to 12, I finally found what I was looking for in 12:7 to 12:10 where it states that “Satan and his angels were hurled to earth” because there was no room in heaven for him and his angels. There was more to what I’ve stated but I tried to cut down on the writing of what went on. To really be understand it, a person would have to read it themselves. But for believers, if this doesn’t prove that the Anti-Christ is on this Earth I don’t know what will.And if that is the case, Hell must be here.

One thing that I can say in writing this is to say Armageddon is not too far away. There is a hint in Revelations as to what to look for by watching the sky at night and when all these colors appear that would be the start of it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Something is definitely wrong here. I have read about kids knowing what they shouldn’t know for their young age. I've read about a couple of people knowing how they died in a previous life, including one that was a co-pilot in the Second World War. I wrote about that person in a post. He named the pilot that died next to him and it was verified by the relatives of the pilot that had been killed.

Now what puzzles me, a lot of preachers claim that when you die if you are not accepted in the Kingdom of God that you are sent to Hell for eternity. Committing murder for example is an unforgivable sin and therefore you are incinerated. Okay, I’ll go along with that. But if some kids are born with the knowledge of what they shouldn’t have learned yet, then the soul of the deceased must have been sent into a new born baby so the soul of that person can’t be burning in Hell forever.

I’m just wondering what might cause these things to happen. If a person that died asked for forgiveness for their sins before dying, and they were forgiven by the Lord, perhaps the sins could still be serious enough that they were not forgiven enough to be admitted in the Kingdom of God. So that person's soul maybe was sent back to earth to start a new life (with the knowledge that this soul had already learned). Is this their chance to finish their earning of full forgiveness?

And what about some of these spirits that appear to some people? If they were in Hell burning, or in Heaven for that matter, I don’t think they would be here. That’s why I find it hard to believe that God, who is supposed to be a good God, would burn a soul for eternity. I think that the bad spirits that appear to some people and create havoc I believe they come from Satan. I don’t know if I’m right or not for thinking this way but by all the lies that are told by different preachers of the Bible make it hard to believe what they say. They try and scare people into being more faithful by telling those lies. I find some of them hard to believe especially if their is a preacher standing by when they tell their stories.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I get emails from a group calling itself Y-Jesus. I tried sending them a reply a couple of times but I get email failures and my replies always bounce back to me. If you are from that group trying to send me an email, send me a valid email address where I can send a reply. Thanks.

Thou shalt not...

According to the Biblical commandments, “Thou shall not commit murder ” (or kill, I forget which is the correct wording). That would be an unforgivable sin and according to the Church of God, your soul would be incinerated, never to exist again. Now as to the other sins in the Ten Commandments, if you don’t ask God for forgiveness or confess your sins before dying then you go straight to Hell and there you burn for eternity. Now from what has been reported according to some who have died briefly and described what they felt, to me that would be torture. In other words, if you don't want to be tortured like that you would have to kill someone so as not to be tortured after death but incinerated instead.

Now this doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t think that there is one person in this world today that has no sins at all. No one knows if they are going to be killed by a freak accident of some kind at any time of the day or die in his/her sleep. To be without sins these days a person would have to be on a planet with no one else around or maybe be in a coma. So it's not possible to avoid being tortured is it?

On a related note, from what I have read, Disciple Paul was the only one that could write - so everything that Jesus said would have been reported to Paul. As we know these days, anyone that reports something doesn't always remember what the message was that they were supposed to convey. They added their own version of what they thought was told to them and the results were contrary to what the message was what it should have been. So how accurate is the Bible we read today?

Those are some thoughts I have had lately on religion.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Revisiting Hell (in a post)

This morning, I watched a video on Youtube about people that went to Hell and came back. Unfortunately when I saved the link it appears to no longer work, or I would share it here with you. In a previous post I wrote about a man that allegedly spent 23 minutes in hell then made it back.

On that post I explained my idea as to where Hell was. I believe God said, “Ye are born from dust and to dust ye shall return”. Now in my understanding of these words if you’re not accepted into God's Kingdom then you go to Hell and being born from dust it’s only logical to me that Hell is somewhere down deep in this planet.

While watching and listening to every word that this man in the video I saw today had to say, I realized that I got my answer as to where Hell is (that is, if he is legitimate about happened to him). This video is worth while watching in what God had to say according to the scriptures.

On another occasion I watched a video about a lady named Leroux who claimed to have died after having shot herself in the chest and apparently she also went to Hell and came back. I also wrote a post about that one. It is a good video but when she claimed while she was in Hell she could tell what everyone's sins were. This might be true but I don’t believe it. I guess one day I might find out for myself I hope not.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

God's creation

Since I am a Christian I believe that God created the original body of a human. And His hand is involved in the creation of every human since then. So being disrespectful to a human's body is to be disrespectful to one of God’s creations, and therefore disrespectful to God. I realize when a person is deceased it’s because the soul has left the body of that person and the body is only a carcass with no thoughts or brain activity when it is without a soul. The fact remains that the body was created by God and that is why we have to have respect for how it’s disposed of when someone is deceased. Regardless of who it is, anyone of any religion (or cult even) or the most sickening or the most treacherous person in the world they are still a human being.

The other night I spent about an hour reading the comments about what France should have done to the bodies of the radical Muslims that were killed while committing terrorist criminal activities recently in France. Some of those comments were just as bad as the terrorism that was committed by those radicals. What some commenters recommended as to how the dead Muslims' bodies should have been treated are just has bad as what those Muslims did to bring on the ire of the people.

The things that some of those commenters suggest what should have been done to those bodies were really disgusting and insulting to one of God's creations. I don’t agree with most of these commenters. I must say, it’s not the body that is at fault but the brain of that person that was brainwashed at a young age into believing a radical ideology.

I don’t believe in the actions of those radicals, but what some people would like to have done with the bodies, I don’t agree with that. To show disrespect to a human body is to show disrespect to one of God's creations. To suggest that sort of thing is undignified and I would say not acceptable in God's eyes.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The religion of Islam

Regarding the religion of Islam, a lot of people profess it to be a religion of peace. I will admit that it might have been a religion of peace at one time.  That is, until the radicals who now infect that religion decided to make it a religion that would give you the impression that you must 'follow our Sharia law and pray to our God like we tell you to do or else you are an infidel and deserve to die'. That religion has been turned into a dictatorship.  Law by lawless radicals is how it appears to be to those of us outside the religion. 

According to what I was taught there is only one God and that God is the one that created everything that wasn’t man made. To me different gods are the imagination of man. Now radicals who treat woman as if they were not humans but exist just as someone to please man and they have no freedom except to be slaves of men. That doesn't seem to be very religious.  Sometimes I wonder if this is happening because Jesus never had a woman as a disciple. Do they think that Jesus did not trust a woman to be one of His disciples? If so is that why Muslim woman are treated like slaves?

There is only one God and he’s the one that I have faith in and these days you have to have faith with all that is going on because of lies that are being told just to scare people into believing things. Like I said, there is only one God but certain religions or cults would want to make you believe that they have their own God and their own way of praying to him and if you do not agree, you are an infidel and deserve to die. The true God said “committing murder is an unforgiving sin” so that would mean that when you die your soul would be incinerated and never to exist again.

What about the killing of all the kids in a school reported not too long ago?  Over 100 of them were apparently killed. Is that what radicals think Sharia law is all about? What about kids having their head chopped off because they wouldn’t convert to Islam? What about a 14 year old being thrown off a 4 story building because of being a Christian? What about the slaughter of Christians and the burning of churches? Now is anyone still going to tell me that Islam is a religion of peace? Now the good Muslims are not trusted because of the monsters of radicals in their midst and yet the good Muslims don’t seem to be doing anything to try and prove that Islam is a religion of peace. By the good Muslims not doing anything to stop these radicals, to me it seems that they more or less agree with those radicals or they just don’t want to get mixed up in it even though some Muslims are killed as if they were infidels.

In closing there is only one God but some people have different ways of praying to him. Radicals think that they have a God of their own and their way of praying to him is the only way any other way you are considered as an infidel and don’t deserve to live.

Friday, January 2, 2015


I was watching this movie Noah the other night and I was surprised to find out that Adam and Eve had three sons and their names where Cain Abel and Seth. I went to a Catholic school and we were thought that Adam and Eve only had two sons. Now I don’t know where the hell the producer(s) fished this Seth from but to find out by looking at a movie that this guy Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve was a surprise to me. Or was this Seth just a figment of imagination of the producer(s)?

That reminds me of another movie I watched the movie about the crucifixion of Jesus. In that movie the goof up was when a soldier pushed his lance through the chest of Jesus to puncture the heart but he did it on the right side of the chest and not on the left side where the heart is supposed to be.