Monday, May 30, 2016

Pope Francis = Anti-Christ?

I found this on the internet this morning. Pope Francis declares himself to be the Anti-Christ according to this video:

I wrote on this before regarding Pope Francis, but I never said too much about it explicitly. My comment on him before concerned the way that he and Obama seemed to be just more than friends. In fact I had stated at the time that he was Obamas partner. After listening and viewing the video above, it has proven me to have come to the proper conclusion.

I read before that he wants only one world religion. To me the religion that he wants would be a religion of hate and with all kinds of sins including murders and all that anyone evil would think of including the denying of the Ten Commandments. I guess those don't agree too much with the so called religion of satan (I don't capitalize that word). That kind of religion would be a religion of every wrong that a person could think of and more.

Those elites are talking about a new world order. They can talk and make all kinds of plans but when the end of times comes it is my belief that God will show up with His Son Jesus and I don’t think that those elites we have now will not have planned what God would have in mind for them. To my concern when the end of times comes the world will become just like it was in the old Biblical days. To my way of thinking that’s when Judgement Day will come. The ones that have denied their faith or have become unbelievers will eventually know that there is a God and Son Jesus. Then those unbelievers will cry to be redeemed but I think it will be too late for redemption.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Politicians (part 2)

One morning recently, I heard on CFRA a stupid woman saying that climate change affected woman more. Also there was something about the politicians wanting to push through to add about another 60 languages? 

See what I mean about some of those educated fools, when I wrote about it yesterday? To my concern this is Canada and there are only two languages: English and French and nothing else. Can anyone imagine the mess if we had all of  those languages? Most people can’t even handle two languages? 

There are a lot more things I could say about the way this country of ours (our laws and our way of living) is being given away and I find that the only way we can get to keep Canada our own country would be to vote those Liberals out completely. The Trudeaus seem to want to change it to have it the way they would want it to be; a country to be given away. Some of those educated fools are the reason why this world has turned out to be a world of insanity. 

An unrelated note but I want to write about it while I'm thinking of it - that morning on the same radio station they claimed that sugar was toxic and yet they are going to legalize pot? And those are the educated people I’m talking about.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Politicians (part 1)

I am 80 years old and since I was old enough to listen to what some politicians would say in days long past, most of them made sense.  If one or more would do or say anything that would be against the people, the others of the party would let them know in no uncertain terms that they were out of line. 

Now those were politicians and not educated fools that we have so many of today. Today some  politicians that we have make statements that are out of this world and they do not show any respect for their country.  They would seek to change it to what they think the country should be. This started with Prime Miinster Pierre Trudeau when he was in charge, before leaving this world. He even went to the Queen to come back with our own Constitution and the damn metric system that turned every one of us into ignorant people with respect to lengths and distances and weights because that was one thing that we had never learned in school.

He was smart though -- he knew people didn’t like raising taxes, so he jumped to the metric system knowing damn well that  businesses would not give us the extra that would equal a pound, in a quart of anything there was 1/8 less of an imperial quart and the prices stayed the same. Then he brought in multiculturism and changed some of our laws to accommodate immigrants. Now that he’s gone my guess is that his son has taken over and doing what his dad never had a chance to finish when he started to give away this country to immigrants.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Jesus' secret family.

While surfing the internet this morning I happened to open this video.

Now I don’t know what to think of what is in the video, so I’ll leave it up to my readers to make up their minds. I will admit I really don’t know what to think because I’ve read so much about Jesus and all the different things that were written about him having been married and having a secret family and also about Him disappearing for 40 days and no one knew where he was.

Following this post I should have one about his disappearance: where He went and what He was doing while away.

While on the subject of Jesus, I was brought up by a Catholic family in a little town in the province of Qu├ębec. I attended a French school and our teachers were nuns. Every day the priest used to come to our school while we were on recess time, as the church was next door. He told us that Jesus was crucified to take on mans’ sins. But then he also told us that we are all born with sin because of Adam and Eve eating of the forbidden fruit that they were forbidden by God to eat. Now why is it is that even a new born human should be born with a sin, if by Jesus having been crucified and spilled his blood for the sin, wouldn’t that sin committed by Adam and Eve been erased or I should say forgiven? If so, why would a newborn be born with sin? Or is that just another lie from the Catholics to push people into having more faith and run to a confessional to tell another man that might not even be in God’s grace to listen to the sins that he has committed?

From everything that I read and was told, I came to the conclusion that the Catholic religion is only a cult that shouldn’t exist - the same as some other cults. Would it be the reason that in the Bible it says have faith in Jesus which is Gods’ Son in order to be saved and have eternal life?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016

One's soul.

Now we all know that there are things in this world that are a complete mystery to us. Here's a question that I’ve been thinking of quite a bit lately. When we are asleep, do our souls leave the body and travel to wherever? I think it's called Astral Projection I know it sounds far-fetched, but when one is sleeping, to my way of thinking, a person has no thoughts so where do dreams come from? And apparently if your soul leaves the body, then you’re considered to be deceased. This is where the mystery that I’m talking about happens. A lot of people believe that if you’re dreaming of something and you die in your dream then you actually died because one's soul doesn’t come back into one's body.

Now the other night while sleeping for some reason was in the woods somewhere and I was running from some kind of animal that was chasing me. All of a sudden I woke up and was out of breath as if I had been running. When I looked around I finally realized that I was in my room and I felt a big relief to see that I only had what I considered a bad dream. I know some will think "well he must have watched or read something similar before going to bed". I can say I wasn’t watching or read anything of the kind before going to bed and this wasn’t the first time that something of the sort has happened to me. I must ask my readers this. Have you ever dreamed of something that you have never watched or read about before going to bed? I mean something unusual. If so then you know what I’m talking about.

I realize this must seem like a weird post and I will agree with you it sure does. But I just wrote about what happened to me and what my thoughts are about our soul.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Do you believe in Ghost or Spirits? Okay, if you want to be curious and you are living alone just keep on wishing with all your might that you wish you had company. Well, if you don’t believe in them than just try what I told you and be sincere about it and you will have some results. I’m not saying what kind of spirit you would get or whether it would be a good one or bad one. Bad wishing, works.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Advice to my readers.

Since the Pope has said not to have a “relationship with Jesus”, to me it seems he meant to ignore Jesus would be to ignore God too because Jesus says “My father and I are but one."  Now this Pope does say things that we the readers might not think are appropriate but to me at least, what he said about Jesus wasn’t proper.

One thing apparently was hidden from the public for a long time has started to come out via the Dead Sea Scrolls. The New Testament was written and the meaning has changed quite a bit as some misinformation has since been written by many people as what certain things meant.  But the Scrolls that were hidden from the public are starting to come out and apparently they must have been read before any of it was published for the public.  Some person like the Pope has found things that were written to be wrong but again, that could have been simply misinterpreted. Now as to what he said about Jesus: could he have mistaken what was predicted about the false Jesus when the end of time comes or just forgot to explain what he meant?

So far I have read quite a bit about those Dead Sea scrolls that were found in a cave and I mean the original writings by someone in the old Biblical days. I have found quite a lot in what was written in those days according to some of the stuff we read in our Bibles today. Apparently those caves are being searched for more scrolls. This Pope seems to have a problem like a lot of people have; he wags his tongue before engaging his brains. 

By the way, I have lost another site where he exposes what is going on in the Catholic religion. I’m searching for that site and when I find it I will write about it and include the site.