Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why worry?

Why worry? What was prophesied as to what could happen from anytime between now and the first of January 2017, according to the scripture Isaiah, is scary. One of revolution in particular is frightening as the USA will be destroyed at least by the first of January 2017. Some of the prophecies that were prophesied in 2013 happened in 2014. So I don’t see any reasons why the ones prophesied according to the Bible should not happen. When it does happen, a lot of people are in for a surprise especially the unbelievers and there will be no place to hide from it. Building a bunker or a hole in the ground like a rat will not escape the wrath of God. Building a bunker or a hole in the ground might be good for a weapon like the Russian supposedly possess. But the second coming of Jesus is a different thing. God will destroy the new Sodom and Gomorrah and burn it to the ground.

That’s why I say why worry about who the next president is going to be, because according to what I’ve read Obama will not get to finish his second term. His term could be terminated at anytime. If what was prophesied happens in the time frame predicted, there will be no need for a president as the USA will not exist as it is now.

Monday, December 14, 2015


To my concern religions,and also the way the Bible was written, are the cause of a lot of trouble in this world. The way the Bible was written is like a riddle and you either learn how to read in between the lines or there is no understanding what is meant by written.

Most people can read a paragraph that others have also read and have their own way of interpreting what it means that is different from others who have read the same thing. I wrote before about the Bible and why I believed it was written in that way - because some of the words could not be exactly translated from the language that it was written originally. So a word here and there were replaced with similar but not exact words. That could have changed the whole meaning of the sentence or paragraph.

That is why I say religions are the cause of a lot of trouble in this world. Misinterpretation. And people took it upon themselves to add different religions from early religions (Judaism, Christianity, Hindu, Bhuddism etc.) Even Islam came quite a bit later. And not only have men came out with new religions, but also new rules as to how to pray to God. The results of all this mess would tend to make some certain people think there was more than one God. I would say forget all this bull about religion and just believe that there was only one Creator (of all that wasn’t man made) and live by the 10 commandments as those can’t be wrong as they are straight forward and can’t be mistaken to mean something else from what is written.

I would say believe in one God the only Creator and asked for forgiveness for your sins and to my way of thinking you don’t have to go to a church to confess your sins to a man that might not be in good standing with Gods’ way of living his life. I would say if God can read your mind then you can confess your sins to him directly without going to person that might conduct his life worse then you do yours.